Dior: Does he delight you with his delectable dresses?

As we all know Fashion isn’t created in the same year as it is released. Let’s say a dress is designed in 2001, us as an audience would not see this fabulous dress until 2003 or so. The styles we see in this year – 2014 – were designed in 2012! But we cannot disagree that the styles of today are AMAZING! Or as Nicole Scherzinger would say – ‘SHAMAZING’.

Here, we will be talking about the world famous Christian Dior and how he has lived his life in fashion and influenced the fashion obsessed people of this day. Christian Dior was a world famous fashion icon born in 1905 in Granville. He is famous for his elegant dresses, marvelous make-up collections, shoes and any other fashion items in the retail market you can think of today.

His first ever creation was in 1947 when he created his Miss Dior perfume, attracting the female market. He then created his first lipstick in 1953 and soon after started to host fashion shows showing off his collection of prodigious dresses. Dior is still an up and running business of the day, now ran by Raf Simons who is still using Christian Dior’s inspiration for his creations.

We can’t help but to agree that Christian Dior has made a great impact on the fashion society. If anyone hears Dior they think: flower patterns, wide hip dresses, complicated stitching and stunning and eye-catchy well done fashion! Many celebs have been captured wearing his amazing clothing line, as everyone has for the past 50+ years, and we should still be seeing these in 2050 and beyond!

Giving an example: Jennifer Lawrence wore a Christian Dior red dress at the Oscars 2014, designed by Raf Simons. Taking a look at it, you see he has stuck to Christian Dior’s style by keeping the dress ‘peplum-like’ near to the end but giving it a more up-to-date and also modern style!


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