Being a young, aspiring entrepreneur definitely has its advantages, but it isn’t easy. You face many struggles that most people would not be able to handle. However, recently more and more young people are getting breaking into the industry and inspiring many to keep chasing their dreams till they come alive. Susan Idama, founder of new fashion brand ‘IrelandNigeria’ has motivated and encouraged many, including myself, to never give up on their goals; ‘if I can do it, anyone can!’ It is evident that the brand has a lot of passion and soul behind it. Unlike most other brands, it does not concentrate its energy solely on profits, but encourages young people and supports their movement, by giving them a platform to stand on, (even quite literally). The Princes Trust charity very close to Idama’s heart, as they have helped and supported her when she needed it most. In return, she gives a third of the profit made by the brand to the charity.


In order to understand the roots of the fashion brand, we need to understand the background of the founder. After communicating to Susan Idama, it was confirmed that she was quite shy, and very humble. She graduated with a 2.1 for Business Management. Considering she is only 25 years old, she is doing pretty well for herself, and has big plans for her future. The brand is highly recognized by creative, music, art and fashion lovers all over, with a few appearances in music videos, also. Susan took on the role of Ambassador for the Princes Trust, working as a positive role model, helping young people transform their lives for the better.


Although hardships were faced during the process of creating her own fashion brand, Susan Idama managed to overcome problems with her positive attitude, leading to her success. She states the pros of being an entrepreneur is that you develop skills by become more independent and learn to be able to overcome almost anything, as well as learning to communicate with all types of people.


Idama’s passion for both her birthplace, and the place she was raised, inspired the name ‘IrelandNigeria’.  It is the newest fashion brand in the UK market and it’s already got the support from AllSorts and the Princes Trust, who believes it, will do incredibly well. Because of her rough upbringing and the things she went through, Idama was inspired to make a somebody out of herself. Her determination proved that this was possible though the event hosted on the 13th April in RichMix Theatre. It demonstrated positive energy as well as great knowledge of urban fashion, with so much unsigned talent performing also. It was amazing to see young people so motivated about their future. If this is what the brand supports, we’re all for it!


‘Your clothes are a way of speaking out to people without you having to say a word’, so they way we dress gives of messages to those around us. The difference between IN and many other fashion brands is that not only is it trendy and urban, but it supports and encourages young people to achieve great things and show case their talent, whilst also promoting individuality. The clothes range from colorful tees, to hats, to bags with the simple, yet eye-catching IN logo. Excitingly, the brand plans to expand and model more dresses and other types of clothing, so once IN gets more recognition, Idama plans to expand.



Her team is so supportive and she has built amazing relationships with all the people she works with. With the love and support of her peers as well as fans, there is little chance she won’t do justice to her role. Look out for the brand in the near future; there is no stopping this woman. I’ve got my IN goodie bag, did you get yours?

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BY: Malvina Bala

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