By Dmitry Tamoikin

CEO of Earth Sphere Development Corporation


The disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370, the coverage of the Crimean conflict and the trial of George Zimmerman have shown a disturbing pattern in the Western mass media, especially in mainstream news networks.


Western news channels, in every case, were powerless to change the outcome of these events. They did however, were able to influence the public perception of what happened, thus effectively distorting the reality of the situation for own gain. Bluntly put, mass media told people what to think and what they must pay attention to. With all due respect, that is not the job of the news.


Statement of opinion supported by favourable facts has completely replaced reporting of actual facts and events. That is unfortunate but understandable, considering that most news-channels are for-profit organizations (business) – first, and distributors of news – second. The number one priority of any business is to generate revenue and that is what mainstream news agencies are doing. That is why we are seeing companies like CNN move more and more towards becoming an entertainment network rather than a news network.


Reporting “dry” facts and events, especially those that are not favourable to the government or the ruling class is simply not profitable. In turn, theatrical reporting with sound effects, bright colors, showmanship, mystery and tension is very profitable. Because mainstream news channels are businesses first, they have surrendered to the latter.


During George Zimmerman trial, CNN clearly chose the side of the prosecution, while FOX News, just as clearly, chose the side of the defence. Each side’s chosen position identified with views of their liberal (democratic) and conservative (republican) patrons. That is simply unacceptable. News channels that are reaching hundreds of millions of people at any given moment must be impartial.


In the recent Crimean conflict (and Ukrainian crisis in general) most Western news channels, by default, chose the position favourable to the West simply because they are from the West. Furthermore to appear patriotic and “score points” with their owners, they engaged in direct propaganda tactics and manipulation of facts.


News networks, whether American or Russian can freely report on patriotism but they must not be patriotic, since patriotism will undermine objectiveness of the reporter and the network at large. Like judges, reporters to the best of their ability must be neutral, unbiased, honest and emotionally detached from the subject they are reporting about, despite personal views. Patriots should serve in the military of their respected nations, not as reporters of their respected news channels.


Malaysian flight MH370 has shown the full extent of the media control over the public. The mainstream media has turned this tragedy into a show. Airtime was bluntly diverted from other much more important issues and given almost entirely to this story. That was done because coverage of MH370 disappearance created a mystery and thus produced higher ratings for these news channels. That is simply unacceptable. Economy, unemployment, crime rates, social instability and immigration are far more important issues that got almost no coverage since this story broke out. This indicates that news networks are opportunistic by nature and will push a story onto their viewers for as long as it is profitable to them, at the expense of other issues of course. Again, this is going back to the notion “profit comes first”.


Clearly, large news networks that impact millions, private or not, must not be allowed to force the story onto the public simply by manipulating airtime. That can and should be called – illegal social engineering.


There are plenty of solutions to these problems. Here are just a few:


1 – Large news networks must become non-profit.

2 – Only verified factual information must be allowed on the air.

3 – Strict penalties for misinformation must be introduced.

4 – Opinion based content must be reduced and regulated.

5 – All theatrics and showmanship must be reduced and regulated.

6 – Siding on national / social / political issues must not be allowed.

7 – Political affiliation must be prohibited.


These basic steps will ensure unbiased and objective news reporting that citizens can trust. Current mainstream media has lost all credibility, especially in the category of neutral reporting, credibility that must be restored.


As ironic as it sounds, to free the press we need, not more, but new rules and regulations, that will favour facts rather than fiction. Majority of the people in the West and the East openly say that their governments and powerful corporations control the press. Mainstream media is no exception. This needs to change.


That is why the founding fathers of the United States of America emphasized on free press, a press that is free from influence of the self-serving governments and the power-hungry oligarchs. A freedom that must be restored, cherished and above all – protected!

Thomas Jefferson

January 28, 1786

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”

Library of Congress / American Memory


PS: The internet must always and forever remain free to all people, so that everyone can share their thoughts, facts and opinions!

Dmitry Tamoikin

Dmitry Tamoikin,
CEO of ESDC //
Founder of Soviet Jewelry //

Founder of Russian Crimea Movement //

Halifax, NS, Canada
February 28, 2014


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