The West and the media likened the action Putin took over Crimea to that of Adolf Hitler in 1938. In my opinion this should not be the case. If this annexation had been by one of the countries aligned to the West it may not have been described as that. There had been other countries of the world where referenda had decided their fate. Why is this different?

The West has a way of wanting things to go their way. If a country does not act in line with their wish they will try as much as possible to sabotage or create problems or strife in that country to reduce the country to want. The Western media also have a way of adversely publicizing issues in other to make the world see them as good when as a matter of fact they are agents of destruction through their style of reporting and publicity of such incidents.

While watching an interview on CNN a young girl being interviewed on Crimean issue, said that she would prefer not to associate herself with Russia because Russia is aggressive. This made me begin to wonder how she came about that. This girl from her look may be in her late teens or early twenties. Ever since the end of World War II I invite the world to check their records, how many countries has Russia gone into or annexed? But the USA has gone into some countries of South America, Afghanistan and Iraq to mention but these. They have also gone into Vietnam; the war in Vietnam caused so much destruction and loss of life. They have been all over the world parading themselves as the policemen of the world. Any country of the world that does not do what they want are labelled as having violated Human Rights Acts and so they seek a way to remove the leader; most of the time by creating insurrection from among the country’s people. This often leads to the destruction of life and property. The media will in turn stir the people to revolt by the use of adverse publicity. While we talk of peace on earth we discover that the very people who propagate the idea are the very culprits. The very people who propagate non abuse of Human Rights are the chief culprits. They do it in such a way that unless you are careful enough to read between the lines you will not know what is happening and that they are violating the Human Rights Acts.

The cold war was instrumental to world peace, in that no country of the East or West wanted to go to war with the other as they were uncertain what arms and ammunition the other had. That being the case no one was sure of what damage or destruction would follow any such war. A return to that will create peace but this is not the peace we are looking for, but the peace that comes from our LORD as it is said; “Glory to God on high, peace to men of goodwill”. There will be a better peace on earth if the USA will allow other countries of the world to run their affairs without interfering.

I am yet to see or know of any war since World War II the United States of America worn in spite of their armament, none, they go in, destroy the people’s property and themselves and leave without achieving any objective. So also if they venture in to the Crimean issue will end up being disgraced. They will create problems for Europe, those who get their gas supply from Russia will be at risk of losing their supply and if they succeed in getting gas from other sources may have it at a higher price.

The story is told of a bully who was fond of bullying his way through anywhere. But one day he came across one that he thought would be an easy target to overrun. He tried and as the LORD was with that one and had been longsuffering in terms of the bully, the LORD showed that He is God and in control of the universe. It does not matter what arms and ammunition one may have, the ultimate decision comes from God. He could introduce an adverse weather condition that will make it impossible for the bully to operate. The world should be careful in terms of this Crimean issue; if there had not been other referenda elsewhere in the world that would have been different. But in this case there had been and will still be. Any planned provocation, making believe that the other side will retaliate and then there will be war or disturbance will fail. Any sensible leader or nation ought not to be moved by such provocation as that will lead to the destruction of their own country.

This will put those who mastermind such acts to shame. The cold war brought peace to the world. The world needs peace. The Western media has a way of reporting. Their style of reporting at times creates tension and disharmony in those areas so they have more news to report. They reported that Crimea was part of the Ottoman Empire. They forgot that Spain and much of Europe were part of the Ottoman Empire. They reported that Russia deported the Tatar community at the end of the war. Such style of reporting does not make for peace in that region; they probably would believe that the Tartar community being Muslims may wish to take up arms against Russia. Or if not, the Tartars being Muslims may attract sympathy from their brother Muslim communities around the world.

The peace the world needs is that which comes from God and not the barrels of guns. No peace has ever been won through the barrels of guns. The world also needs justice. Those who think they can dictate to God and the world should bear in mind that one careless mistake of a thoughtless deed will lead to misery.

Scientists claim that they have found something in the firmament that supports the theory that life began with a big bang. They are yet to find out what caused the big bang. They are yet to find out why there has not been another big bang. They are yet to say why there has not been a crash or collision in the galaxy as these stars are said to be travelling at the speed of 100,000 miles per second. But here on earth we often hear of one accident or the other. This goes to prove that there is a greater force controlling the Universe.

In conclusion therefore, the West should leave Crimea and its people to run their affairs, this will further stop the tension currently in many parts of the world from spreading to that region.

BY: Emmanuel Opiah writing in London

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