Books are advancing with technology at the same pace with numerous books being brought digitally instead of as a hard copy. They could eventually be brought digitally all together and hard copies could become obsolete. Reading books digitally on a device like a kindle, Kobo or iPad means that people can now carry more books with much less space. But with this increase in technology are the youth of today not having an interest in books because of increased stimulating activity from social media, television or computer games or are books dying out among the youth of today because of the education system and less time being spent read to as infants and toddlers.

Some parents may have less time to spend with their children than their parents did because of an increase in commitments like work. As a result less time is being spent on children and it’s being substituted with distractions like television or toys. So from a young age children may be having less time in contact with a book.

In school they are required to read and develop their reading abilities but are forcing children to read a book they have little to no interest in the best way to encourage them to read more often and do so instead of watching the television.
Children may be losing interest in books because they are never given the opportunity to choose what book will catch their imagination until they are older and by then the only memory they may have of them are being forced to read something they don’t want to.

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