Lord Meghnad Desai told The Economic Times that Shri Narender Modi “is going to be Prime Minister.Is he going to be a good Prime Minister? Well I hope so for the sake of India but it will be a change from Manmohan Singh”. His opinion was found to be condensating by an Indian journalist and questions whether Indian’s need advice from NRI”s. His argument on Modi in his article in the Guardian was based on equivalence that it was OK to do because other Indian’s had done. As academics make transition from neoliberal to government advisors of the Modi regime. It leaves a big question mark for the Indian diaspora in Briton. When there are issues in Briton affecting the ethnic minorities of the Indian diaspora. It is a moral duty as British citizens for NRI’s to do public service here for the benefit of everybody not just for a – particular sect based on gender caste color or creed.The Indian society here is fragmented and sectarian on the lines of cultural and religious sects with their roots traced back in India. The results of the Indian Election is expected on May 16th. Even if the Congress party looses the election and if the Bhartiya Janata Party wins the election a new agenda and stirring committee to be more inclusive to ethnic and religious minorities in Briton may not be the answer.

A new-liberal leftie manifesto Of a moderate pragmatic government in the BJP will not sway the opinion of NRI’s for a Modi regime in Briton.

At the end of the day – all NRI’s are foreign residents. As pro-British they may be committed to anti-fascism. Any fascist atmosphere in Britain  will only spread gloom and distress. Dholera in the state of Gujarat, was chosen as a special investment region by the Modi government for an International airport, port and recreation zone for NRI’s and tourists instead of schools, parks, colleges and hospitals. With no minimum wage for workers in the private and goverment sector, 45% children and women under the poverty line in Gujarat. Furthermore the nonexcluvity of Dalits, adivasis and religious minorities in these programmes leaves much to be desired for.  Comments from NRI’s on Indian Election can be condensating.It also gives the impression that while Indians and the electorate is progressive, the NRI’s are carrying the baggage of colonial mentality and they are unwilling to leave this baggage behind even today.

BY: Nancy woods