• 10.20: Election Day, Polling stations will remain open until 22:00 BST
  • 11.28: European voting results set to be announced on Sunday morning. Time TBC.
  • 11.35: (1/2) Important message for voters! You are advised NOT to take any pictures of yourself at polling stations!
  • 11.37: (2/2) While it is not Illegal, if you inadvertently reveal how someone may be voting, you are liable to a fine of up to               £5,000 or up to a six-month prison sentence
  • 12.13: The EU Commission has apparently expressed concern for potential election fraud in up to 16 areas around England. Reports suggest that in certain areas extra security is in place at polling stations.
  • 12.15: The areas reportedly involved in potential election fraud include a number of areas in Birmingham, and at areas of Slough and Bradford.
  • 12.25: CORRECTION TO A PREVIOUS UPDATE: Results for the rest of Europe will be on Sunday EVENING, not Sunday morning as was previously stated.
  • 12.36: The man in the spotlight, Nigel Farage (UKIP), has been spotted casting his vote at a polling station in Westerham, Kent. Keep your comments coming on how you think Farage and his opponents will be placed by 10pm tonight! #EuropeanElections2014
  • 12.57: Is the growing population and power of the EU during these elections likely to further fuel the argument between nations over remaining unified or taking their chances with separation? Tell us what you think! #EuropeanElections2014
  • 14.14: Despite concerns over potential election fraud in parts of England, no such suspicions or incidents have been reported as of yet #EuropeanElections2014



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