It was rumoured that the back slapping and applauding taking place within UKIP HQ on Sunday, had been heard in all depths of the country. Allegedly, reaching Alex Salmond’s subdued haunt in Scotland, as UKIP achieved their goal: victory at the European election. This is their moment, the anti-establishment underdogs doing it for the people at last. That is, if you forget about the billionaires, property tycoons and former Conservative politicians who back the party for their own decadent reasons.

Let’s not take anything away from UKIP. They’ve managed to win the European election without possessing any existence of a coherent manifesto; xenophobia and eradication of freedom of movement, are hardly a political ideology to base a political campaign on. Whilst simultaneously, fighting a plethora of controversies surrounding their candidates and party members for their alleged homophobic and racist attitudes  — along with, the calculated and relentless enactment from Nigel to present himself to the public as ‘one of us’ — despite being private school educated and a former banker. So congrats to those tireless UKIP workers who made this political utopia possible.

Are Farage and co now set to whip up a storm in European parliament? Screaming and shouting: ‘we are tired and sick of the paradigm that is stopping good British people from getting jobs. We don’t want your bloody immigrants coming here, ruining our British identity of scones and tea with your delicious fair trade coffee and sourdough pizza.’ For that to actually happen, they would have to actually to be punctual in Brussels. The turnout for UKIP MEP’s in Europe is appalling, ranking the lowest out of all 76 parties. Their leader and man of the people Nigel Farage, has only taken part in 43% of the votes within European parliament over the past five years. Keith Taylor of The Green Party, declared: ‘Many people don’t realise that a vote for UKIP is a vote for the laziest party in the European Parliament.’ So at least we know we have the boys in purple and yellow, on the front line fighting for what’s right for the British people. Or maybe not, most probably down their ‘local’ having a pint of cask ale.

Sadly a lot of what will be discussed in the European Parliament will not reach the general public’s ears. Which is why, it is paramount that our elected MEPs are present on the frontline fighting our cause, for a Europe that is to the benefit of Great Britain. Vital issues, such as: TTIP, sustainable energy, working and agriculture laws will be discussed, but our viewpoint will largely be ignored due to our predicated unpunctual elected MEPs. It is fair in a climate of apathy and Oxbridge educated MPs too become disillusioned with politics; but electing uninterested and idle MEPs is beyond counter-productive. This week another scandal has surfaced, of a UKIP councillor projectile vomiting words on Twitter; what has been said, the vast majority of UKIP’s support wouldn’t dare utter.

Those who did vote UKIP, need to ask themselves one question: why would a party so OBSSESED with leaving the EU, be so desperate to be part of the European Parliament? As UKIP’s very existence inside Brussels, justifies the political presence of it. In the fight for political pragmatism, the battleground for a EU referendum would surely have been better fought on the national scale.

Unless resentment is redirected at those responsible: bankers, fat cats and those who brought the globe to it’s knees — and not hard working immigrants — the lazy populist right will continue to flourish in Britain and Europe and we will be left to pick up the pieces.

BY: Liam Collins

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