The Politician is a new phenomenon in which you can rate, comment and interact with people who have the same views as you. You can reply to a David Cameron post and express your thoughts publicly or rate Ed Milliband on a scale of 1 – 10 on how much you like him. There are live updates on how politicians are doing on the ranking with David Cameron way out ahead on 9.0, Edward Miliband with a score of 5.5 and Nigel Farage at the bottom with a score of 1.0.

They also have a twitter page @thepolitician in which you are able to tweets your views straight to the website in which politicians can read and ponder upon. You are able to interact (live) and respond to politician in real time and reply to their comments and points.

Recently user “OllieSimmonds” had this to say on David Cameron’s profile “Fairly decent PM. No-one will write a book about him in a hundred years time, will be notable on a long Wikipedia list, only because he was the successor to two of the worst PMs. Wants to be PM again in 2015, no-ones really sure why other than some vague notion of the ‘Long Term Economic Plan’”

Other users have had purely negative views, for example user mann4leed said, “Tax cuts for the rich, pay freezes for the poor?”

The website to connected to Facebook and Twitter you are able to receive live updates and see when your favorite politicians have posted a comment or a question. This allows you easy access to all your viewed posts and comments from even the Prime Minister himself.

You are also able to create a personal political watch list in which you can save your chosen politicians on a page. This allows easy access to any discussions you have joined or any comments you are waiting to reply to. This is very useful as it allows you to watch these politicians and have live, up to date changes on your phone, laptop or tablet.

They are currently working on a mobile app that will allow you instant access to all the latest news and “gossip”

In addition to all these great features, the website allows your very own statistical performance table in which you can compare your very own competitors in an easy and “fool-proof” fashion.

A free sign-up would allow you to instant access to comments, tweets and ranking which could allow you to endulge in the world of politics.

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BY: Bilal Muhammad

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