We’ve all dreamed of travelling the world, we’ve all made mental lists of the places we want to go and the things we want to see. We say that one day we’ll tick them off one by one. However, many of the UK’s young people today are put off the idea of adventure by the stress of money, paperwork and safety. Many don’t realise that travelling the world is as simple as just clicking a button.

Travelling has never been simpler for young people with organisations such as BUNAC and Real Gap offering once in a lifetime experiences at reasonable prices and providing help for tackling the paperwork. Simply type in your desired destination and a plethora of results are there at your fingertips from America to Thailand. It is a far cry from the monotonous lives that many students live with the constant need to work and study getting in the way of having fun. It gives young people a break from this, providing those in need of excitement with a gateway for adventure- and most definitely a change of scenery.

Nicola Baker, a Social Sciences student from Glasgow, has first-hand experience of travelling after a 3 week, 13 state road trip across America from New York to Los Angeles.  She will soon to move to Australia for a year for a 12-month period.

‘Real Gap were really helpful especially with the things I never would have thought of, they were always on hand to answer any questions as well as helping with visas and things like that, I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering travelling abroad’

Before the stress of university or the world of work, many students opt to take a gap year to get experience and to gain a better understanding of the world they live in. Real Gap offer a list of their Top 10 adventures spanning from a 30 day trip to the exotic Thailand or the opportunity to work with Africa’s Big 5 in one of their wildlife reserves. One reviewer stated on the website ‘it was just awe-inspiring seeing these creatures in the flesh, the sheer size and beauty of these animals captivate you’ just emphasising what a worthwhile and unique experience these trips can be. This gives young people, who aren’t quite ready to enter a world of study or work, the chance to makes memories that will last a lifetime.

For others, travelling is seen as the beginning of a permanent lifestyle change with many taking advantage of work abroad in countries like New Zealand and Australia. This gives the youth of today a great sense of freedom and independence as they are thrown head first into a whole new environment with people they don’t know without the help of family and friends. However, organisations like Real Gap and BUNAC ensure that those embarking on these life-changing trips are able to talk to like-minded people online and get to know each other before their journey. Internships are also available allowing hopeful journalists, teachers and businessmen and women to gain work experience and set them apart from other candidates for jobs as it will most certainly boost their CVs.

Organisations like Real Gap and BUNAC also allow young people to give back through their volunteering programmes. Volunteers can experience the true hardships faced by many people in other countries and learn the true value of life – completely opening their eyes. The volunteering could also involve work with animals with Real Gap even offering the chance to ‘Live with Lion Cubs in South Africa’ and living on a wildlife reserve moments from the animals. This is another way to boost the CV and give the young people of Britain a new outlook on the world they live in, experiencing a variety of cultures and meeting a range of different, interesting people.

Just looking at reviews, it is clear that these are not opportunities to shy away from. Each adventurer has taken from travelling a new outlook on the world, a new set of skills under their hat as well as lifelong friends and memories and stories they’ll be sharing for years on end. Organisations like Real Gap and BUNAC give young people the gift of excitement and adventure, they give them the opportunity to live out their dreams and tick off the items on their bucket lists one by one. Instead of spending gap years working nine-to-five or spending summers making their way through every show Netflix has to offer – young people can now see the world and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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