It’s that time of year again. When national flags are on doors, windows and walls to show support to the players in the World Cup. Everyone is cheering on “our boys” and with the time difference this year they’ll be staying up until the early hours screaming at the television. Adverts from all brands join the Football Fever; your local supermarket covering the aisles in flags and patriotism, cars waving flags from their windows, McDonalds selling Brazil Burgers and pubs with alcohol deals to lure the clients in.

If you’re lucky you might actually have gotten yourself a ticket to see the “glorious game”. You’ve spent thousands of pounds to see the action happen and soak up the South American sunrays. Yet down the road from the stadium there have been riots for months against the very games you are sitting to watch.

When the host nation cannot host their own citizens, football is no longer glorious. Hosting the World Cup will not do anything for Brazil. When public services and welfare fail to reach the poorest in the country, the country will continue to neglect their own citizens. Countries that cannot afford to host their own should not host 31 other countries.

With the spotlight on Brazil, protesters are taking to the streets showing their disdain for the government’s hypocrisy of not being able to afford basic health care or housing when the country can afford three stadiums to be renovated. Brazilian taxpayers’ money is going towards the FA which has been accused of taking bribes. Surely this money would be better spent to remove the corrupt government.

The London Games were considered too costly for London during a recession but with a welfare state, the UK could afford the price. Brazil cannot. Where favelas (slums) exist, there is no space for football stadiums. According to the census in 2011, around 6 percent of the population (11.8 million) live in these slums and have no access to any of the resources that have been spent on footballers.

So when you watch the games this year, remember the price that Brazilians are paying for you to stay up until the early hours watching England only get to the quarter finals (if they even come second in their group). I’m supporting the rioters this year- sorry England.

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