Four schools in Birmingham have become hot topics on the news in England. These schools are Adderley Primary, Saltley School, Park View School and Regents Park Community Primary School. Ofsted has placed them in special measures, as the authorities have done nothing to try and tackle the “hard-line Islamists taking over the school”. The Muslim community feels targeted and doubt that the leaked letter could be true. Whether it is true or not, I believe a situation like this was bound to happen sooner or later.

When I moved to England from the Netherlands in 2003, one obvious difference that stood out from the two countries was multiculturalism. I noticed how there were different faces from different countries, and I found it fascinating. When I wore a headscarf in the Netherlands I would receive a look or two but in England even the men wore scarves (that was a joke but you get the idea). Even family and friends back in the Netherlands knew that we were more free to practice Islam. I had never seen so many Halal restaurants, so many sweets that were certified as Halal, even the school provided Halal school dinners.

Hearing about Ofsted inspection reports, claiming ‘…They are not taught sex and relationships education effectively’ was not shocking to hear. I remember when my family and I lived in the Netherlands, and my older sister was given websites about sex to research at home. My mother wasn’t happy about it, but knew it was something she had to do and had her own personal conversation with her. When it was my turn to learn about sex education we then lived in England and every child was given a permission slip to take home in order to be taught about sex. Thinking about that now, I realise it is not something that would have been done in the Netherlands.

England is very kind to foreigners and other religions, but I believe they are letting control slip through their fingers. This may sound weird coming from a Muslim, but I believe the country is in danger of welcoming terrorists. There are so many children that are born into Islam and are not given the proper teachings at home, these kids then fall into the danger of being taught by individuals who are corrupt.

It was only in the last five years where I noticed there grew a large anti-Islamic agenda amongst certain people. The formation of the English Defence league is just one example. And I totally understand where these people are coming from. If I was back in my own country and certain people were implementing their own views, then I would be angry too. However, non-Muslims are not the only ones to blame. Muslims do not help themselves either. The more Muslims kill innocent people “in the name of Allah” the harder it gets for real practising Muslims to say Islam is a peaceful religion.

You would always hear me preaching “there is a difference between culture and religion” as I believed non-Muslims were mistaking the two together. However, now I believe Muslims should learn that they live in a non-Muslim society. We should not get angry if our son is told to have a girl as a swimming partner, nor do we have the right to make a fuss because the reproductive system is being taught at schools.

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