For me personally I love a bit of reality TV. From programmes with celebrities such as Tom Daley’s ‘Splash‘, ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here‘ and BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to those with us ordinary people like ‘Big Brother‘, ‘Made In Chelsea‘ and ‘The Only Way Is Essex‘, I love them all. However, they do have a bad side to them with the fact that it wastes your life away as they are absolutely pointless. But, with reality TV ratings falling in recent years it’s likely these programmes will decline despite their massive success in the past. Reality TV provokes strong feelings and many hate it.

Reality TV is a great way to fill time when there’s nothing else ‘on the box’ and also it’s something to follow over the series. It’s always described as a ‘journey’ or an ‘emotional roller coaster’ whether you’re a celebrity or ordinary person. Particularly, shows like X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Big Brother. These programmes last for a couple of months and normally viewers root for one contestant or another to win. With the addition of their ‘extra’ shows ‘The Xtra Factor‘, ‘It Takes Two‘ and ‘Bit On The Side‘ people are bound to get hooked. These shows follow the contestants and are a way to get the latest happenings and sneak peeks of what’s to come.  You can always tell what time of the year it is with reality TV as it follows the same pattern:

January: Celebrity Big Brother, Splash! (formerly ‘Dancing On Ice’)

April-May: Britain’s Got Talent

Over the summer: Big Brother

September: December: Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor

December: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here


Made In Chelsea or The Only Way Is Essex?

As I’m from Essex (yes I’ll admit it) I should say I prefer The Only Way Is Essex. I don’t. I’m not your typical Essex girl with fake tan and fake lashes and The Only way Is Essex shows my county in a bad light at times.  Not everyone goes clubbing, wears a face covered in make-up or looks orange, but so many people from elsewhere think that is the truth and that everyone in Essex is ditsy or dumb but we’re not. I prefer Made In Chelsea and I think many do as it’s slightly more realistic and interesting. But on the other hand, what does annoy me about Made In Chelsea are the digs they make towards Essex and its people. In both shows the casts do exactly the same things and it seems that it’s fine for the Made In Chelsea cast to do it but not those in Essex.

Many hate both programmes because they aren’t real, set up and fairly predictable.  After you get past the accents, both shows are watchable and can become extremely addictive. The episodes go by in a flash and then you have to wait impatiently until the next episode to check in and see what the cast are up to especially with the love relationships. Some situations are obviously set up at times even though most of the programme is meant to be spontaneous. The random meetings in the street or in shops for example in both Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex. They can sometimes be expected and hilarious due to the fact it’s meant to be a complete coincidence; it’s particularly expected if there have been fallings-out or breakups – there’s always an event where they’d both have to be.

Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor

Both Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor started in 2004 as rivals in the lead up to Christmas. However, Strictly Come Dancing originated from Come Dancing that ran between 1949-1998, but now features celebrities with professional dance partners from the UK and around the world.  For me I feel Strictly Come Dancing is more interesting and changes more from year to year whereas X Factor is very repetitive. Also, Strictly Come Dancing features known celebrities which you can follow and get to know better as themselves instead of how they are portrayed in the media.

There’s so much competition between the two programmes but Strictly Come Dancing has had the higher viewer ratings over the last couple of years.  More teens tend to watch X Factor as it’s more of a pop culture topic and is talked about frequently. Since starting in 2004, six out of ten winners on X Factor have had the Christmas no.1 including taking the chart for 3 consecutive years from 2005-2008. This is usually due to the winner releasing one of the songs sung in the final of the show and then being signed by Simon Cowell’s record label. Some winners have since been dropped but others, who came second and third, namely Olly Murs and One Direction have both signed with Syco Music, Simon Cowell’s label.

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