A young Indian student, Vikramaditya Sangwan, has received an award from the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the presence of a host of ministers and dignitaries. The former Under Secretary General for economic and social affairs to the United Nations (Sha Zukang) was also present at the award function.

Born in India, Vikramaditya Sangwan grew up in Chandigarh and received a bachelor’s in Civil Engineering  in 2013. He was a DAAD fellow at Humbodlt University, Germany . He also runs a non-profit organization ‘3 LIFE’ and has a great passion for administration,  philanthropic activities and spreading awareness.

He developed the project AMAN during his stint at the Humbodlt University last year. The project is all about the sustainable use of resources, efficient ways of living and energy generation.The project AMAN has provided a new hope of living to nearly one lakh Africans especially from Sudan. It has improved the livelihood of poor and environment quality to a large extent.

The brilliant mind from India also received a prize amount of $6500 for his project AMAN, which is selected as the 1st place winner by the UN, among the most innovative projects all around the world that aim towards improving the livelihood of poor and environment quality. He donated the prize money to the African Conservation trust, a Kenyan health trust and an educational trust from Somalia,on the name of his father Naresh Sangwan and Amandeep Kaur . He also received a formal token of blessings from Sha Zukang on behalf of the thousands of benefited Africans.

 When he was invited for the speech he looked weak but when he started his speech,  the energy in his voice was so high that it set the parliament greeting him with a loud applause.

Vikramaditya Sangwan had this to say:

Her Excellency, Chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Angela Dorothea Merkel

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to start by reiterating my gratitude to the Government of Germany and United Nations for bestowing such a great honour on me. I would also like to thank the Africans for showering their valuable blessings on AMAN and me. No project can change the lives of the people, it is the people and their will power only that can bring the change. One’s destiny relies on one’s hard work and dedication.  

I dedicate this award to my father Dr. Naresh Sangwan and Amandeep Kaur.

Thank you very much.

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