Well guys and girls, it seems the days of wearing dresses and jeans together are over (I hope). This summer, simplicity is key. Plain White Tees, double strapped Birkenstock and Printed Trousers have taken over (although those were also in last year .. so they can’t sit with us..but we’ll include them on our wish list cause we’re nice).

For want of not sounding like a pretentious self-proclaimed fashion expert, I have compiled a list of items that I recommend  you squeeze onto your Summer Wish List (or copy and paste onto your non–existent list).

1)   1969 (GAP) – Don’t you just love when you are having a conversation with someone and they say something like:

‘Gosh I really don’t like the name Dandelion’

‘Umm…that’s my mum’s name’

‘Oh, I really like the name, I was just joking’

This exact conversation happened the other day except my mum’s name was GAP.

‘Who even shops at GAP still?’

Awkwardly raises hand.

GAP this season is minimalist heaven. Their tumblr page tells it all really http://gap.tumblr.com/

Must Have Item: Raw-Hem Fit & Flare Dress

Dress Up with Pumps

Dress Down with Sneakers (sorry I’m stating the obvious)


2)   & Other Stories

& Other Stories was my strength when I was weak.

& Other Stories was my voice when I couldn’t speak.

& Other Stories was my eye when I couldn’t see.

Thanks Celine Dion for your wise words.

In other words, &Other Stories introduced me to the perfect white tee.

Although pricy, the quality of their clothing is worth that extra buck.

Must Have Item: All their clothes… and an African Mood Shirt (I think I might be a bit biased,  but have a look yourself http://www.stories.com/gb/)


3)   The Birken (STOCK) (Quite Proud of what I did there to be honest but for those of you who are too funny to get whatever humour attempted above – that should have read: Birkenstock.

Warning: Wearing Birkenstocks without having a pedicure first might cause eyesores.

Must Have Item(s): Double Strapped Metallic from Topshop

The Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals if you’re out to make a statement and go against the crowd.


4)   ‘The Smoking Tuxedo Blazer’ – Helmut Lang

Selfridges & Co’s sale is filled with beautiful blazers of which I have shortlisted some which I think are a steal.

Must Have Items:

Maje – ‘Ernest’ Satin Collar Jacket ( Roll up the Sleeves and you’re good to go)

The Kooples – Cropped Satin Dinner Jacket – seems to be a trend of Satin here.


5)   Zara. Is. The. Place. To. Go. For. Printed.Trousers.

Unable to create a shortlist for this one so just scroll down their website plus they’re on sale. SCORREEEEEEEEE (World Cup Reference) (It’s sad when you’re the only one who gets your jokes but it was worth the try)


Now you know what you can put on your Summer Wish List.

NB: This article doesn’t contain any product placement, merely the thoughts of a girl living under a rock and is thereby a qualified fashion expert (obviously!).


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