The most holy and blessed month bestowed upon the Muslims is referred to as Ramadan. This month is the holiest among the 12 months, in this month Muslims are more motivated to increase their virtuous deeds, by giving increasing amounts of money to charity and carrying out virtuous (desirable)  actions and abstaining from undesirable and unlawful actions.

The month of Ramadan is a testing time for Muslims, as they have to be very patient and abstain from feasting, which sometimes can result in anger. However, they are encouraged to not just control this anger during this particular month but every month. The temperament of the Muslim people is tested even more with the fasting continuing during working hours. This is a test of will and heart in which Muslims have to survive and come through to the “other side” unscarred.

Ramadan is a month in which Muslims fast (abstain from eating) from just before sunrise till sunset and in the UK this year it is approximately 18-19 hours of fasting. Muslims go through this to experience how poor people in the world feel when they are left hungry, they are encouraged to understand the hardship that is happening around the world and the difficulty that others suffer. Stereotypically, people  are very conservative when it comes to the issue of money,  but for Muslims it is one of their five pillars of their religion (Zakat) and it is bestowed upon them to give to charity.

Zakat is fixed at 2.5 percent of a person’s total assets- that’s cash and valuables. This goodwill is one of the fundamentals of the religion of Islam so Muslims are always encouraged to donate generously. The hardship of the month of Ramadan that the Muslims go through is a test of their character and how god-fearing they are. It is encouraged to observe the good actions they have performed during this month throughout the rest of the other months.

Ramadan is also a time when extra prayers are encouraged, this is called the Taraweeh. This month can be compared to a sale which people would see in a supermarket, only here there is a chance to ask for forgiveness from their god and recuperate by making the most of this holy month through performing as many desirable actions as possible – and the benefits during this blessed period are like no other.  It is said that in this month, the last ten nights are very special amongst which, one night, Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Power) is more blessed than a thousand months.

After the month of Ramadan finishes, when the moon is sighted again to signal the start of the next month, the first day is said to be the day of Eid (day of celebration) and Muslims are no longer required to fast.

The month of Ramadan is thought to be the starting point for many Muslims; this is a blessed and holy month when  numerous good actions are undertaken. Yet the main challenge is not to just perform these desirable acts but also to incorporate them into daily life so one can achieve the purpose of being god-fearing and obedient. This month is thought to be a stepping stone for people so whatever new actions are carried out, they can be introduced permanently throughout the year. This month can help to reform the lives and lifestyles of many people by changing their views and approaches to certain aspect.


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