Imagine a nuclear free world, this is possible. But the threat of the enemy (devil) who inflicts humanity with the spirit of rage will keep deceiving the people of the world that this is not possible. He creates in the minds of leaders of the world the fear that they may be attacked and overrun by other countries. They claim that their acquisition of nuclear weapons is for self-defence yet this was used during the Second World War by the United States of America in Japan. Was that defensive?

Others claim that they are in a better position to acquire nuclear weapons because they will use them judiciously. But who knows, accidents do happen; just as when someone walks along a road and gets knocked down by a careless driver and another takes a plunge in the swimming pool only to drown. Everything and every stage of the endless development of our perceptive faculties is risk-susceptible. One may even be travelling in an aircraft and the aircraft will simply disappear. The best protection is for one to have faith in God.

If one chooses to go that direction and place absolute trust in God then one will discover that God will act in time to prevent any possible problem. For God is faithful. He created the universe and placed humanity on the planet Earth in order to have communion and union with her and he gave humanity the freedom to choose. Humankind was not made to die as we see in Genesis 2: 16 & 17. In this scripture God said to the first human creatures that they could eat the fruit of all the trees in the garden except for one, which should not be touched. He also told them that the day they disobeyed that command and touched and ate the fruit of that forbidden tree, they would surely die. This shows that God’s plan for humankind was to have union with us and not to see us die. Death was introduced to humanity from the day the enemy (devil) deceived the woman to eat the forbidden fruit. Humanity would have been immortal if it wasn’t for that transgression through the disobedience of God’s commandment. This shows and goes to prove that obedience to God touches on all aspects of our lives.

Having communion with God out of love for God determines our relationship with Him. God does not desire the destruction of humanity but humanity would destroy itself through union with the enemy (devil) and by allowing the enemy to instil the spirit of rage. This rage forces us to seek to destroy one another through wars. A statement could trigger off or precipitate an international crisis which would lead to countries warring against one another. A mere statement could lead to civil wars or religious wars when in truth, the God humanity claims to serve and worship is a peaceful God and is long-suffering.

The destruction of the world will not come from God who created it but from the created who have allowed the enemy (devil) to inflict them with the spirit of rage. Knowledge has increased in humanity and with this knowledge they make weapons of mass destruction. It is out of greed for gain that the manufacturers of weapons produce them and are forced to seek markets for their products. If there is no war in any part of the world, they do all that they can to create one. If there is no war, the stockpile of weapons they have will become obsolete and out of use, so they create wars to test the effects of their weapons. These manufacturers devise ways of killing one another to prevent their creations from becoming obsolete.

When new weapons are produced new areas are explored where they may be tested to see the effect and the level of devastation they could cause. You can imagine the United Arab Emirates investing 18.9 billion dollars in purchase of arms and ammunitions. What are they using these weapons for? If you ask them why, they will tell you that it is for self-defence. Then you ask again, against whom? And they will not have a clear answer to this because the enemy is imaginary. This is the trick of the devil to inflict humankind with the notion that they are being attacked so they may acquire arms and ammunition with which to destroy one another.

We must not forget the saying that those who live by the sword die by the sword. So in the words of the late President John F. Kennedy, humanity should end all wars or the wars will end humanity.  But the truth is that humanity is under attack by the enemy (devil) from all sides; from infiltrating the human minds and making them want to kill one another, to self-destruction and through sexual immorality.

If the money spent on acquiring arms and ammunition is instead used to develop or build social amenities, this will create in the minds of the people a sense of belonging and being loved. And where there is love, there is no war. Where there is love, there is no disaffection. Where there is love, there would be no need for civil strife and where there is love there is no call for separation or self-government. The people will accept their leaders and what they say to them because they will feel loved by them and would give their maximum support in return.

It is time for humankind to think again and seek peace in the world. Day by day the world is filled with deadly arsenals and when people feel marginalised or excluded they plan insurrection. This can easily be changed for the better since no one goes to the grave with their wealth. Leaving a legacy behind is more beneficial than the acquisition of wealth. One will only be remembered by the legacy he or she left. If it is a bad legacy that will be what the person is remembered for and if  it is good, then this shall serve as the memory token.

I am glad that the US president is listening. He is no longer thinking in terms of war in all or every part of the globe but seeking a peaceful solution to disputes. This could be seen in his decision not to send troupes to Iraq in the wake of the ISIS insurgency. The Iraqis could solve their problem, all they need do is come together and seek a peaceful solution to them. War will not help them, it will only create ill-feelings among their fellow countrymen and women.

Perhaps, if the leadership in these countries was in the hands of women there would not be such conflict. I say this just as William Shakespeare said; “I have given suck and I know how tender it is to love a babe that milks me.” Women who have given birth know the pains of child-bearing and the love they have for their children would suppress any wish for war. Sending troops to Iraq will further escalate the problems and cause more destruction in a country that is just emerging from a senseless war.

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