Israeli troops have swarmed into Gaza to get closer to Hamas who have been creating underground tunnels to access Israel.

Hamas is a political bureau in Palestine. Hamas have been blamed for the killings of the young Israeli teenagers, which have caused the Israeli army to continue to bomb Gaza. Hamas’ leader has stated that the three teenagers were soldiers of the Israeli army.  Holding a picture of one of the boys wearing the Israeli army uniform as proof that  “they are the combatants”.

In one of the air strikes Israel has targeted a rehabilitation centre for disabled people  killing four innocent civilians three of whom were patients and one nurse. Hamas leader Khaled Mashal has resisted the occupation of Israel in Gaza. Mashal said back in 2009 when Israel announced that troops will be heading to Gaza for the first time that “If you commit the stupidity of launching a ground offensive then a black destiny awaits you,”

Israel has warned Palestinians to head towards the north of Gaza as they continue with more air strikes.

Though civilians have been told to evacuate, their options remain limited. On the left of Gaza City is the Egyptian border and on the right is the Israeli border.

Gaza City is  also where a number of individuals have been relocating to but it has now been hit by air strikes.

Many of the people who have died or have been injured are innocent civilians; the current death toll so far is 268.  This is compared to 14 militant members of Hamas who have been killed.

Israel has thoroughly advanced military weapons provided by its ally the U.S.A. Whereas, Hamas tries to reserve what it has left of its country by striking back with missiles equivalent to what some would call has the effect of mentos in a coke bottle.

In 2008 the polls showed that the U.S provided Israel with $8.5 million a day in military aid.

Figures by the Palestinian authorities show that almost 700 people have been injured, this is excluding those who have been killed.

This week marks the tenth day of air strikes from Israel. The cease-fire has caused an international outcry with protests being held in capitals such as London, New York, Paris and many more.

The violence started to break out in East Jerusalem, as a 16-year-old Palestinian teenager was found dead.

Mohammad Abu Khdair was supposedly killed in a revenge attack after three Israeli teenagers were found dead three weeks ago in Hebron.

Two days after the deaths of the three teenage boys Mohammad was kidnapped and found dead in Jerusalem. His body was badly burnt which made it difficult for the police to identify it.

The Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that ““Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay” for the deaths of the Israeli youths.

However, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhr said “If the occupiers carry out an escalation or a war, they will open the gates of hell on themselves,”

Israel had begun firing air strikes at Gaza following the news that three Israeli teenagers who went missing last week have been found dead in the illegally occupied West Bank.

Israel’s Foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman said “We cannot give specifics about all the intelligence, but we have proof that allows us to be 100 percent certain that Hamas perpetrated this kidnapping.”

Israeli soldiers arrested around 400 Palestinians and killed five people during gunfire on unarmed civilians.

The violence had started to escalate as soon as the news of the deaths broke out.

Many people have said that they do not agree with the decisions made by the Israeli Prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including people of the Jewish faith who have gone to fast with Muslims on the holy month of Ramadan to show solidarity.

Supporters used the hash tag #hungerforpeace.



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