INRebelCEO of INRebel, Susan Idama, spoke to Shout Out UK about starting her own fashion label, her vision and passion to help young people to use their gifts and talents; and her plans for the future.




Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Susan Idama, CEO, founder and creative Director of INRebel from Nigeria and studied in Ireland.

I am also an entrepreneur, ambassador. After having studied for 3 years in Business Management in Ireland, working in retail, meeting other entrepreneurs and fashion designers, gains more skills and experiences, I decided to run my own clothing and accessories line.


What made you start running your own business and have your own brand?

I studied Business Management at the University for 3 years.


How long have you been working in Fashion as a Fashion Designer?

Since last September.


What were your inspirations?

My inspirations came from my background. I am from Nigeria and I studied and lived also in Ireland. From that background I got the idea for my brand and began realising my own clothing and accessories line that I call: INREBEL.


Why did you call your brand INRebel?

As I said from my background, because I am Nigeria, yet I studied and lived in Ireland. So Letter I stands for Ireland. N stands for Nigeria and Rebel because my brand represents me and I never give up. I am also a person who always remains consistent. I give people opportunities to stand, not giving up and using their gifts and talents to be successful in their life.


What does INRebel specialise in?

INRebel specialises in clothing and accessories: T-shirts, Caps and Bags for the moment.


Where is INRebel based in London?

INRebel is based in Shoreditch in London and for those who want to shop online it is also an online store. You are welcome to come and visit us in our store in Shoreditch, London!


How do you give opportunities to people to use their gifts and talents?

INRebel brings to the market creativity, arts and music. One such example is when I do events. I invite young people to come and perform at events like today! In such events for instance, one Congolese guy Mikala came to sing and perform at the show. The audience were very happy with his voice and songs. Another example is one of my models is a 17 year old who is representing the Caribbean at Miss Team Caribbean and now she will be representing INRebel UK!


Can you tell us what was your thought process when setting up your own brand?

3 years of Business management at University, I am also an Ambassador at Princes Trustees, I worked in retail where I gained the skills I needed and I worked at Selfridge. I also did some volunteer jobs to get more experiences and skills. Connections are key!


How do you define your city’s fashion?

First of all INRebel is a strong brand. I always receive positive feedback. Today’s event was successful for example. I am definitely sure and positive that here in UK I  will do well and I am really excited to expand.


Most of the designers said it is hard for them to get models. Today you celebrate the fashion festival of young people. Did you find it also hard to get models for the fashion show?

Yes. I agree with the others. It is quite hard but I never stop advertising months before on facebook, twitter, mouth to mouth and on my network. After a lot of work I end up getting enough.  Like today one of my models is a 17 years old. She represents INRebel UK and she will also represent the Caribbean at the Miss team Caribbean.


What tips or advice would you have for anyone thinking of running their own business, have their own brand, clothing line and launching them? 

It is very hard but I would encourage them to go for it, to focus on what they love. Most important of all though, they need to network and have the right team.


What are your future plans?

As I never give up. I will never give up. I am seeing a successful future in INRebel. I am motivated and standing here also to help other young entrepreneurs to achieve their success in life.


Where can readers go to find out about your brand?

They can Google it; they can also find it via the website: and


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