Very recently many of us received a letter from the local council on ‘Your vote Matters’. Hidden within the letter is a new register; the open Register. The open register is a public list of people’s details, which can be bought by any company. It is not used for electoral purposes and includes your full name, address and other bits of personal information about you.

Is the Open register only used by private companies?

Yes, councils have full access to your records already. the Open Register gives you and the council no benefit, other than an extra income by the council, when companies buy your personal information.

Are you Opted in automatically?

Yes, a portion of all residents are opted in, however, how big that portion is, is unclear. The council however, must inform you that you are part of the Open Register if it has included your details.

Can you Opt-out?

Yes and it requires less than 5 minutes. Simply call 0800 197 2327 and have your Security Code on hand, which is given to you at the bottom of the letter you received informing you that you are on the Open Register.

What are your thoughts on the open register?

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