Pain echoes could be heard about the constant and bloodied beating received by these helpless humans in the scorching heat.

And then there are innocent naïve children getting murdered so ruthlessly and others receiving severe torture and being beat.

Limbering through the blessed month of Ramadan, practising their faith, their patience and composure is put to the ultimate test.

East and West, attacked from all sides standing firm in their faith, they are holding the flag up high to show that they are the best.

Showing of headlines in the newspapers of the European superpower are very biased, where half the truth is massively hidden.

‘Three are killed’ is written in big bold headlines, whereas hundreds so mercilessly murdered get hardly a mention.

Injustices are the cries of millions around the world, upon witnessing these despicable scenes. We are all weeping.

Night time there are severe fears waiting, the inevitable of the following day of how many more will die.

Every sense of humanity is calling for an action to be taken, to solve the atrocity that is occurring.

Vicious treatment of the poor Palestinian people is showing signs reminiscent of the Holocaust.

Severe bloodshed was shed then and now, which never could be truly justified.

Ignorance being portrayed is showing classic signs of dehumanisation

Shooting and killing is having no effect. Killers are like the Holocaust, it has become their ultimate mission.

Ruthless diabolical scenes of the 1940s, are taking shape in a new way and form, where the difference is only in a new name

And yet the constant of the killing and pain occurring, along with all other factors and results will be the same.

Every plea and cry that the helpless humans are portraying, seems to have no impact on these soldiers who are causing this pain.

Lambasted, battered and bruised, but a day will arrive when their prayers will be heard and once again they will rise.

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