WikiLeaks has revealed important documents showing Israel’s plans in Gaza. According to these documents the United States knew about Israel’s anti-human scheme against the Palestinian people.

These documents revealed that Israel was targeting Gaza since the 1980’s and wanted to keep this region under their command, by controlling the money they let into Gaza. Furthermore, the leaked documents indicate that the ongoing bombings and military attacks conducted on cities in Gaza were more likely planned, than a response to terrorist actions against Israel.

Israel is justifying its actions against the Palestinian people, by stating that the attacks they are carrying out are anti-terrorist attacks, as they are trying to defend themselves from Hamas. It is worth mentioning that in the period of these four weeks only a few people were killed or wounded in Israel so far, when in the same period of time, Israel’s government has already killed around 2,000 people and injured over 9,000 of which, according to the data, over 80 percent were innocent civilians.

These attacks, as well as the ones that have taken place in the past, were not completely unplanned or kept in secret, as the leaked cables report on the destruction of U.N. centres in Gaza, the creation of Hamas, and the wars on Lebanon. Some of these cables even discuss the military strategy, called ‘Dahiya Doctrine’, which can be used to destroy towns. Apparently, the United States had full knowledge about it, since the U.S. Embassy in Tel-Aviv had held the meeting with the Israeli Commander Gadi Eizenkot, in which they have discussed the attack on Dahiya city. Gadi Eizenkot assured the U.S. embassy that the attacks were made not against the cities, but against the military bases. In addition, some of the cables reveal that the U.N. has indicated in their own reports that Israel’s troops are acting inappropriately and are not taking into consideration the lives and rights of the civilians who are living in the territory. The latter perfectly illustrates the recent attack over one of the U.N. schools, where many Palestinians were hiding from the bombings. Many people were injured and killed during this recent attack.

The documents revealed by WikiLeaks play a crucial role in the Israeli-Palestine conflict, as they show that Israel’s attacks on Gaza are in fact a response to Hamas’ actions. The past attacks, as well as the ongoing ones, can be considered as part of a wider, planned military operation, which can be only comparable to the genocide initiated by Hitler. Most importantly, the documents reveal that the U.S. had known about Israel’s intentions, which either can mean that this conflict is beneficial to the U.S., or that governmental officers were ignorant to the evolving conflict, which should have been stopped long before the present attacks.

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