On Sunday I arrived in Manchester, where a friend was waiting for me at the airport. He drove me to his flat in Liverpool, in Rodney Street. On the road I discovered different landscapes. I saw really poor streets with barricaded doors and windows. Just next to this kind of street, another street, totally different, and a wonderful street with awesome houses which looked very British and affluent compared to those I saw before. Bentleys, Jaguars and Ferraris were parked in front of those houses. The contrast between the two streets was scandalous…

Arriving at the flat, I put my baggage in the room my friend shares with me and immediately he told me that we will go to eat outside and drink a beer to allow me to discover the city. We ate at McDonald’s, a safe bet for a Frenchman who doesn’t know British food and who heard bad things about it. I chose the same burger I usually eat in France. What a surprise when I realized that the meat had an unusual taste! Now I can confirm what my friend told me at the airport : “British meat is different from the French”.

After that, walking through the streets I was shocked by the number of beaters who came to give us the address of their club. There are no beaters in France! We went to the Cavern Club, THE CAVERN CLUB where the Beatles had been discovered by Brian Epstein! A singer was doing the show with his guitar, everybody was singing the refrain with him, I haven’t ever heard this song but I really liked what the singer did. The Cavern Club wants to be the same as before, and that’s really a good thing!

On Monday morning I decided to begin viewing the city. I went to the docks, where I visited the Maritime Museum. I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about the Titanic and other ships. I walked on the dam, on the chains with hanging padlocks, I was pleasantly surprised that lovers in Liverpool are like those on the “Pont Des Arts” in Paris. After that I decided to go to Lord Street, a lot of workers were out to go to lunch, men in suits, young people in uniform, others dressed in flashy colours. Punk-style is not dead here! Another thing about people in Liverpool is that they are fond of their football team: I saw a lot of people wearing the team shirt and even some with the tattooed Liverpool emblem, it’s crazy!

My trip to Liverpool isn’t finished and I have not stopped being surprised by this town!

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