This man, that man, a man.
What man? Where, man? Over here, man.
You see that man right there, he is humble –
You see that man right over there he is merry.
You see that man right near me, he is hairy.
From where does this man come from?
I know for sure that his name is not Tom;
Do you see what I did there? If not,
kumquat. This just got silly. It’s not supposed to
rhyme, Billy.
This man asked me.
Who is Billy? I told that man, that mysterious man
it was for my rhyme to which he replied
“you will also age with time.”
That man was weird, was I talking about age or time?
no, I was talking about rhyme and before I could ask him
who he was; he disappeared, to the land of Oz.

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