These two options seem to be the only choices available for young people these days. The unemployment rate in the UK is increasing so dramatically and to such a hopeless level that even achieving a degree is not that useful any more. Previously, achieving high qualifications was such a big advantage for opening more opportunities to professional jobs and satisfying careers.  However, such benefits have been diminished or eliminated entirely for today’s generation of graduates.

Research undertaken this year finds that more than 900,000 young people are out of work and over 250,000 of them remain unemployed for over a year. This clearly shows how no the government is comprehensively failing to address this issue, yet politicians still wonder why Britain’s young people are the worst behaved in Europe.

Young people today have very slim chances of getting even a mainstream job with low pay. It is little wonder that many do not feel motivated to work hard when in university or college, when there is so little reward to look forward to in the employment market.

Feeling desperate, they eventually turn to other sources and means to finally make some money which most often results in illegal activities, usually through drug dealing or other crimes which is a very popular strategy among young people these days.

The Economist has also recently agreed that there is evidence that strongly suggests that youth unemployment leads directly to an increase in crime.

Since the young have little to busy themselves with and stay active, it has become more common amongst them to partake in drug abuse and crime as they have no work to occupy them. Finding ways to kill ‘boredom’, staying at home or hanging outside start to seem like better choices to the young and often leads to them quitting their education.

This unfortunate crisis will only increase and worsen if the government will not find an effective solution very soon.


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