The Youth Media Summit 2014 was held in the British Film Institute, London on Wednesday 6th August. The event began with inspiring spoken poetry by Samuel King, from Word on the Curb, titled Fatherless Britain‘  and continued with the welcome of the host of the event, Aaron Roach Bridgeman. There was a short clip which included Lord Puttnam’s thoughts on how important youth media really is to today’s society and especially future societies. As the day progressed, there were many other inspirational speakers such as Liam Tootill, SBTV, Shahlaa, Reprezent Radio, Louis, What’s Good?, Lorna Cole, London Live, Samuell Benta, All About The McKenzies, Hayel Wartemberg, Word on the Curb, and our very own Matteo Bergamini.

The collaboration between Mainstream and youth media allowed the youth to express themselves and make known what they thought about the mainstream broadcast in an effective way. There were many questions and concerns raised to the panel which included Madeline Ferguson from BBC, Priscilla Baffour from Channel 4 and Ruth Palmer from Creative Skillset, about the difficulty of gaining an internship, apprenticeship or even a job with the mainstream media.

I left the event feeling inspired and motivated to continue what I’m doing in the youth media, hoping to one day be a part of the change of perspective and opinion society has about youths. The talk from Vice allowed questions about   the most effective way to portray the youth without using the negative image people already have about us.

The event also included amazing upcoming artists such as India Graye, Tokio Myers, Latir, Akua Konamah and Bowzauk.



Lord Puttnam




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