August 2, 2014: London.

Unending violence and terrorism will be unleashed globally  if the Gaza conflict is not resolved immediately, according to Mr. Sinna Mani, a noted British community leader for around 50 years and the founder president of the British Organisation for People of Indian Origin (BOPIO).

Israel claims that this conflict has united the entire nation with one purpose to fight till the bitter end. But this will also unite the Arabs and thus backfire because the Arab response could be more serious in terms of global terror attacks; not only on Jewish establishments but also on Israeli-friendly countries and peoples. Before this carnage happens, it is imperative to resolve and end the Gaza violence and destruction, suggested Mr. Mani.

The current conflict has already killed more than 1,500 Arabs in Gaza and over 60 Israeli soldiers since it started on 8 July, and sees no end despite frantic efforts by peacemakers. USA and UK governments make the right statements about bringing peace but extend their full support to Israel to keep pounding Gaza, said Mr. Mani.

The ongoing Gaza conflict, if not stopped, can escalate into repeated and horrendous terror attacks worldwide and morph into the third Intifada any time (if it has not already done so). The Intifada is a prolonged uprising against Israel that becomes a bloody conflict. This time it can attract extremist Islamic groups such as the new ISIS and push the violence to a new level of destruction of human lives and property on both sides. The first Intifada lasted from 1987 to 1991 and killed 2,162 Palestinians and 160 Israelis. The second Intifada took place between 2000 killing about 3,000 Palestinians and 1,000 Israelis. If it happens, the third Intifada could be much more serious in terms of people killed and injured, said Mr. Mani.

When USA continues to supply armaments and financial aid to Israel for its continued attacks, how can any ceasefire and peace prevail, asked Mr. Mani. Both sides have stuck to their extreme postures: Israel wants to smash the tunnels dug by Gaza purportedly to attack its people while Gaza wants to end the long-standing blockade that has made life a virtual prison for its population. Hamas claims that Gaza is a prison and so they dig the tunnels to attack their tormentors, while Israelis maintain that the tunnels will bring Hamas attackers to kill their people.

Despite clear and repeated locations of United Nations refugee camps in Gaza being intimated to Israel, in advance, these shelters for women and children are being bombed repeatedly by Israel in a most inhuman manner. After the bloody carnage, all the Israeli officers comment is that the strikes will be investigated.

A British citizen of Tamilian origin and a  campaign motivator for President Obama, Mr. Mani now works for promoting human rights and peace and is shortly undertaking his initiative to promote peace in Gaza and the Middle East with his travels to the US and Russia to lobby politicians. A similar effort is being made with British members of Parliament.

As a community leader of three million Asians in England, he claimed that most Asians in Britain, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankans and Nepalese agree that the fighting and carnage in Gaza must stop immediately. Israeli attack on Gaza in the form of rockets raining on Gaza with artillery fire is totally out of proportion in response to the tunnels dug by Hamas.

Israel aims to defend its population from attacks by Palestinian militants who have dug tunnels into Israeli territory. Hamas wants the Gaza blockade by Israel and Egypt lifted to set them free from a virtual prison.

Israel claims to be acting in self-defence, a claim not accepted by British Asians. Israelis occupied the Palestinian land of Gaza, closed all the borders, including maritime access, in order to imprison people in their own country. Backed by the US, Israel has resisted every attempt to arrive at a negotiated settlement on this dispute.

Israel refused the UN Security Council resolution to resolve this dispute. Israel is acting in a suicidal manner thus encouraging the growth of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. At this rate, the newest terror organization ISIS may get involved in this conflict, escalating it to a very disastrous situation. According to an ISIS announcement, a Khilafat would be established to unite all Muslims under one Islamic rule.

It is important to remember the history of Muslim occupation in Spain and Portugal where they ruled from the seventh to  the eleventh century and when they lived in peace with Christians and Jews in this peninsula, reminded Mr. Mani.


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