Iceland could become the world’s first moneyless economy according to Irishman Colin Turner, founder of the Free World Charter (FWC), who has started a campaign to promote the idea of a resource based economy on the North Atlantic island.

Colin, who founded the FWC in 2011 and has already attracted almost 50,000 signatories from over 200 nations, believes that the self-sufficient nature of the Icelandic economy would make it a perfect candidate for a radical shift away from traditional capitalism.

The campaign is already garnering support from prominent Icelandic individuals and organisations as Colin explained: “So why Iceland? It’s an island that could easily become fully self-sufficient in terms of energy and food. There’s also a high degree of political and economic awareness and debate especially after events in recent years that have affected the global economy.”

“The country also has a long history of pioneering and democratic developments such as the first recorded parliamentary system that dates back to 930AD.”

“Sooner or later mankind will have to make radical decisions to arrest environmental and economic collapse and I see Iceland as the perfect place to start the debate.”

“The campaign is gaining a lot of support from young people in Iceland, and across the globe, who view the nature of the debt-based monetary system as the single biggest contributory factor to the many issues we face today. Religious and political extremism, ever increasing levels of inequality and environmental degradation suggest we need to start thinking in new ways.”

“I spent some time travelling across Iceland recently and had many fascinating discussions with people who were supportive of this campaign and the idea of eradicating money.”

“It’s not just about money of course. It’s about evolving the political, social and spiritual nature of the human race to bring us far more in tune with the planet and its capability to support life,” added Colin, a musician who hails from Dublin and now lives in County Wexford.

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