Will a ‘YES’ vote at the Scottish referendum close the gap between the rich and poor people of Scotland?

There is much ado about the Scottish Referendum in the media. This is natural and rightly so! The two people mentioned in this article have expressed their opinions on this matter. The idea that prompted the referendum in the first place is the thought of an independent parliament for Scotland. A “yes” vote this September will ensure a social demographic balance for Scottish people. It is quite clear that the democratic representatives of Scotland have everyone’s interest at heart. For their own people, and for the rest of the islands, in the United Kingdom.

While, the coalition government, in Westminster has cut the funding to various sectors of the UK economy. There seems an imbalance of wealth and this argument remains at the point of contention.

Alex Salmond First Minister of Scotland told the Evening Standard that ” Scotland has paid more taxes per head than the rest of the UK for every one of the past 33 years.”

“Now, the need has come to rebalance the Scottish economy. While it is felt that the coalition government is not promoting social welfare and cutting benefits.”

He added:” The democratic case for independent Scotland is that we in Scotland should be able to use the resources we have to take decisions ourselves in our own national interest.”

Alasdair Gray, a painter and also a writer told the Guardian: “I was once optimistic about the UK’s direction but its now clear Scots need representation with independent minds.”

Under the current set-up of a Westminster parliamentary rule both writers argue that the huge native wealth of Scotland does not deliver the benefits it should for the Scottish population.

They both agreed that “London rule can’t deliver a better Scotland.” An increasing number of families including children are below the poverty line. Furthermore, Scotland also ranks low on life expectancy statistics in Europe.

It has therefore become imperative to talk about this issue in the media. To try and understand why Independence is the right decision for Scotland.

That is why many English people who have gone to live in Scotland will vote “yes” at the referendum.

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