We all have this white t-shirt at the back of our closet, behind the scarves, the sweatpants, the decade old jackets and even the diving costume. It is this one item that we buy, that we never put on, yet that we never throw out.

Well, ladies, this white lonely t-shirt, that no one looks at when hung in a store, could be the most fashionable item in your closet. No matter how old you are, no matter what style you follow and no matter what body shape you have, you can wear this cheap and boring tee and look magnificent.


1. The Rock Chick Outfit 

A pair of black leather pants, black boots and the white t-shirt that you never wear and it would do.

Leather pants available at Zara for 32 pounds.kylie0428-04

Black boots available at Topshop for 42 pounds.

Style Inspiration: Kylie Jenner


2. The Tomboy Outfit

Ladies, sometimes fashion doesn’t require a lot of effort. Get a boy-style chemise, a pair of jeans to style up your white tee!

Jeans available at Topshop for 45 pounds.

Chemise available at Hollister for 25 pounds.

Style Inspiration: Lindsey Lohan  lindsay_lohan_trashed_jeans_ch


3. The Classy Lady Outfit

Who said you can’t look classy in a white t-shirt? Well, you can! Add a colourful pair of pants, a pair of heels and blazer, and finally a necklace to pump it up a little, and you will look flawless.

Pants available at Zara for 32 pounds.

Blazer available at Newlook for 25 pounds.

Necklace available at Topshop for 13 pounds.

Style Inspiration: Jessica Albajessica alba hot








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