Lines in the Sand


Flags make poor cover

for displaced children. They fly

garishly, like cut flowers

over salted earth.


Pretexts and promises and

a few dollars will buy you a

drink. To being free,

nothing compares. To finding peace,

nothing else matters. In this world,

there is nothing worth more

than the lives of the

little ones.


The children of war

care nothing for

politics. Which side

of the line makes them

Our People?


Orphans have no debts to any

god, and country is meaningless

without history. Read them

their rights, as humans before the

sand runs out.



Lurana Brown is a palliative massage therapist and pianist. Her poetry has been published or is forthcoming by the Blue Hour, Postcard Poems and Prose, Shoe Music Press, S/tick, Swimming with Elephants, and the Visionary Press Collaborative, and can also be found on