As human beings, we all have our flaws. But as women, we will never admit how messed up we are, how annoying we tend to be and how ridiculous we may look. We believe that we are always right. We believe that we are the most powerful creatures alive. And we believe that men will never be as clever as we are. We are full of ourselves. Some women may be down to earth, just not on this earth. There are several books that have been written by female authors, in order for men to understand women. But truth is, can women understand themselves in the first place? Will women be able to admit, face and maybe correct the mistakes they do while dealing with men? And what do men really hate about women?

1. Acting “blonde”
Some men may prefer blondes over brunettes, but this is only when it comes to hair colour. Whether it is during work, during a party, during class, in a grocery shop, or even at home; a man, whether he is your friend, boyfriend, brother, father and even a stranger, will never be interested in a woman who acts dumb. Men consider this a way of seeking attention and they absolutely hate it. When a woman acts stupid, men immediately realize that she does not take herself seriously, so why would they?

2. Apologizing for others’ mistakes
Being overly nice is never the answer to creating a healthy relationship with anybody. Women tend to apologize for things they haven’t done with “sorry” becoming their favourite word. Contrary to what most females think, men hate when women do this because it means that they don’t value themselves enough to stand up for themselves and defend their actions.

3. “You are all the same”
Ladies, this is the worst expression you could tell a man. Don’t tell him all men are the same because no one told you to try them all. You are going to look immature and judgemental. Men hate this sentence for the very simple reason that it is not true. Not all men are the same. Try to look outside the stereotypes that dominate you and you will realize that your judgement is not a fact.

4. You are not his mother
It is tiring for guys to constantly have girls asking where they are, who they are with, and what time they are coming home. Even if you are his partner, you have to remember that you are not his mother; he is an independent man who can handle situations on his own and you do not have to worry. A woman who follows her man and wants to know every detail in his life will eventually lose him.

5. Friend-zoning
Even if you are just friends, men hate to be friend zoned. They believe that they are the ones who should do it, not you. Try not to friend zone a guy if you want to keep him in your life, because there are only a few who won’t take it the wrong way. Guys don’t want to enter this zone even when they claim they don’t have feelings for you. Friend-zoning him is like telling him “you’re not a man.”

6. Female reunions in the W.C
Men don’t understand why women go to the restroom together (TOP SECRET!). It irritates them. It’s one of the only times where they feel like they don’t control the situation, as they become outsiders. Men are as curious as women (maybe a little bit less). They want to know what’s going on, because well, according to them, a man is supposed to know everything.

7. The Fault In Our Stars
No matter how romantic a guy is, it is truly difficult for him to like this movie. It is not only the film production and the book that they find pathetic, but also how girls get excited over fictional characters, post their lines on Twitter and their pictures on Instagram. An even worse thing for men however, is how women burst into tears when they read or watch it, as they believe this movie is  “cliché, unrealistic and childish.”

8. The duck face
You might be attractive, but most men hate this facial expression. They don’t understand why women enjoy looking like ducks. They don’t like how excited girls get for it. And they certainly don’t get why they have their lips out in all their Instagram pictures. Men would rather see your smile.

9. “I would like a salad, please”
Darling, men don’t take you out to order a salad. You can do your own salad at home. He takes you to an expensive, fancy restaurant to order a steak and he takes you to McDonald’s to share the ultimate love you have for burgers. Seriously, he doesn’t care if you are on a diet. Keep your salad away from him.

10. Long text messages
Unless you are sending him the list of girls attending your party on Saturday, the names of the cars you like or the dishes you are going to cook him, don’t expect him to read the three page messages you send him. Men are impatient by nature. They go straight to the point and want you to do the same. I mean, this is what texting and applications such as WhatsApp and BBM are for: fast-chatting. If you want to have a proper conversation with him, see him; do not send him a long message because let’s be honest, he won’t read it.

Women, you have to understand that there are little things that tick men off. The little things in life matter. And they are not just things.


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