We sit at the precipice of a civil war in Great Britain – fuelled by religion, tradition and culture clashes between the majority and minorities within. Not the clash of Catholicism and Protestantism that we have seen before, in the form of England versus Ireland, but in the form of Islam versus all other faith-groups; in the form of southern and south-eastern Europeans clashing with each other in the underworld of Britain. These are conflicts that our fair isle harbours within her modern multicultural society.

Multiculturalism – the experiment which has had such a devastating effect on British society over the last seventy years. Sure, Britain has always been a country of cultural diversity – I mean, what is it to be British? We are Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Romans, and goodness knows what else – but, Britain has until quite recently had her gates opened to small numbers of migrants, wanted and needed migrants.

The problem for Britain is, quite simply, Brussels. While Britain is part of the European Union, our government has no control over many of the laws imposed on us, or laws which need to be put into place. Governance by Brussels is making traditional concepts of nationhood and allegiance an irrelevance, and Britain is quickly sliding to the status of a province within the European Empire. This is a problem.

Brussels and its policies have spread like the Nazi ideology at the beginning of World War II. The only difference is the method: where Nazi Germany used weaponry and war, Brussels has applied its diplomatic hand, using overtures of peace and harmony. Both, though, are of the same kind: megalomaniacal, remorseless, power-hungry cultural imperialists.

The European Union appears to be attempting to produce an empire which would be on par with the Roman Empire; however, it has missed a few key steps. I’ll explain …

The Roman Empire was split into two parts, the Western, which was centred on the rule of Rome, and the Eastern, under the rule of Constantinople. The western part of the Roman Empire focused on the expansion over Europe. Amongst the armies that invaded Britain in 55 BC, 54 BC and 43 AD were soldiers from the following countries: Spain, France, Egypt, Morocco, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Libya, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Greece and Hungary.

The above nationals came here under the single law/rule of Rome. Their own cultures were kept to their own countries when they were part of the Roman Empire – they weren’t all thrown into Italy. Roman law turned into British law and, over time, it has developed into the laws that you now find embedded at the roots of our society.

Now, multiculturalism may have worked in the Roman Empire and it definitely worked in the British Empire, because both of these spanned across the globe. What are now called ‘minority groups’ never existed, because they stayed in their own countries, but followed the same rule as every other country – under the Empire.

What Brussels and the European Union are currently attempting is abstruse. Rather than controlling the borders strictly, like the Romans did, they have opened them completely. Countries like Britain are being bled dry, of money, resources and traditional cultural identity – soon, she will simply be a rock, with the most diverse population in Europe.

After doing a large amount of research into the costs (based on the 2007-2013 period), surrounding Britain’s admittance into the European Union, I was – to be quite frank – astonished, and baffled; I will show my findings to you, in bullet-point form, showing you the ever-increasing costs of EU membership:

  • Britain’s contributions to the EU Budget are rising by 33 per cent Gross, and an astonishing 97 per cent Net, for the budget period 2007-2013, versus 2000-2006.
  • For the given budget period, Britain will have made contributions, estimated to be in the region of £105.726 billion Gross or $42.026 billion Net; this figure is excluding the UK rebate and EU spending in the UK.
  • Britain’s annual contribution to the budget for 2010 is estimated at £15.247 billion Gross or £77.851 billion Net.
  • The Common Agricultural Policy costs Britain an estimated £16.7 billion per annum.
  • The Common Fisheries Policy costs Britain an estimated minimum of £4.7 billion per annum.
  • EU over-regulation on business costs Britain an estimated £48.7 billion per annum.
  • From 1973 – which was the year that Britain joined the European Union – to 2009 the UK has an accumulated trade deficit with EU member stats of over £438 billion.
  • The estimated amount lost in fraud from the EU budget each year (£6.3 billion) is about 92 per cent of the UK’s current Net contribution (£6.8 billion).
  • For 2010 the estimate of the combined annual direct and indirect costs of EU membership will amount to £85.3 billion Gross or £77 billion Net.

The above figures equate to the following:

Gross                                                  Net
£7.1 billion per month                    £6.4 billion per month
£1.6 billion per week                       £1.5 billion per week
£233.7 million per day                    £211 million per day
£9.7 million per hour                      £8.8 million per hour
£162,291 per minute                       £146,499 per minute

These figures are the equivalent for every man, woman and child in Britain of £1,380 Gross or £1,245 Net per annum; or looked at another way, the equivalent for every British taxpayer of £2,788 Gross or £2,516 Net per annum.

In times of economic crisis, government cutbacks in public spending, service cuts, financial austerity, rising energy prices, fear of job losses and financial hardship for many, it is – in my opinion – absolutely abstruse to be contributing billions upon billions of pounds each year, on the ideological project of creating a Union States of Europe, that only the political elite truly wish for.

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