How different would our world be if we used our power to make a positive change? Well Emma Watson has definitely proven that not everyone has a selfish agenda when fame and fortune finds them.

On Saturday 20th September, Watson presented a compelling speech in New York, on behalf of the HeForShe campaign, which was launched by UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. It is a U.N. Movement for Gender Equality, which first started in January 2011.

Her speech reflected on our assumption that feminism is a concept which solely supports women, and in fact it is something which we should all think about from time to time, and take action. When she stood at the podium and took charge on behalf of all of us, it was clear that she also valued the phrase “actions speak louder than words”. Although in her case, words also make an extensive difference, as her speech has positively influenced millions of Facebook users. When an important issue like this becomes a ‘trend’ on a popular social network such as Facebook, it is safe to say that it is possible for it to be resolved.

Gender equality is an issue that has existed for centuries and although it has improved in some areas, we are still faced with ongoing concerns that may affect us in more ways than we think, unless we acknowledge them and take appropriate action against them. With 39, 562 men all over the world coming together with women to stand up for gender equality, it is a good sign.

It’s quite ironic that the powerful figures of our country whose main job is to lead us to peace and solidarity are also one of the most selfish in the world. Whereas public figures such as Emma Watson, who entered the public domain through acting, are the ones who show us that power when taken for granted can be dangerous. People who abuse power for their own personal gain can set themselves on a path of self-destruction.

It is time for us to take our passion, mould it into a career, gain power and use it for the greater good. It is possible, but with every generation we have become lazier and lazier. It is time we stood up from our sofas, and instead of watching and admiring the people on TV, make a change ourselves.

I can’t even imagine the change it would make to our world if we all had the same attitude as Emma Watson: “Gender equality is your issue too.”

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