Dear Women,

I am writing you this letter because some day I am going to be your age. I am writing you this because I would like to hear the same words. I am writing you this because I don’t want to lose my mother. I am writing you this because it matters. I am writing you this because it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am writing you this because anyone may have to fight the battle. I am writing you this letter because you deserve it.

If I remain silent, I would regret it when I become a mother. And I wouldn’t forgive myself if my daughter asks me one day: ‘Mom, what did you do to help women?’

If you can’t feel it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And if it isn’t happening to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

You see, breast cancer is a hypocrite-sickness. It tries to destroy you without you even knowing. It is cruel. But then again, there is a solution for everything. In the end, it can all go just fine. If it doesn’t, then it’s not the end.

The best protection is early detection. It only takes you an hour a year to see your doctor and pass the test.

If you don’t care about yourself, then at least think of those around you. Can you imagine your family burying your body? Can you imagine your partner sleeping with another? Can you imagine your son growing old without a mother? Can you imagine losing your life for the very simple reason of not checking yourself, annually?

Women, you are beautiful – whether you are perfectly healthy, or striving for your lives. It is not your breasts that make you who you are, but rather the way you fight for your safety, even after losing them.

If only you would consider looking at your breasts as much as men do, then you’d definitely protect yourselves. You should know that even if you have cancer, cancer doesn’t have you. You are the fighter over here, and you decide how the battle goes.

As for all those who didn’t give up, but couldn’t continue.. you are the women we look up to. Thank you for showing us the way. We promise you to fight cancer and get our revenge from it.



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