Out of a job.
Should I sit and sob?
Or drown my head down in pot?
Because it feels like I’m down and out with no hope to cope, I feel like there’s no lifeguard to help keep me afloat.
Am I a joke?
But why then do I see nobody condoling me; instead their choking me.
Resulting in my only outcome being dope.
But I’ve seen enough films to know that’s not the way to go.
Valuable lessons I’ve learnt from and I’m sure in time will help me grow.
Mistakes made the Basketball Diaries and I’d be more eager than Ebenezer to sing carols to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Carroll or
Art is art and I’m looking to play my part.
Restricted and neglected, feeling like a single sailor trying to get himself into Noah’s Ark.
My thoughts are jacked and I’m in need of a helping hand to help pull me out of the dark.
Because I feel like Jill falling down an ever-falling hill, and if you captured a still, you’d see me being eaten alive by a shark.
They’re starving and starting to get hungry and desperate, begging for a chance and contemplating using their bodies.
Because they’ve tried to make a job out of their dreams, but they were told that there was a ‘no refund’ policy.
And the only thing they could do was return the dream and in exchange use it as a hobby.
Daydreaming now and all they want to do is sleep, because they’re tired of being rejected.
They’re hoping they’d one day wake up to a new life.
One where the theme is from demise to uprise.
So when they rise they’ll see all of their past failures were merely a blessing in disguise.
Because they’re out of the glass ceiling scheme which restricted their dreams.
Now they can break free and prioritise and chase something actually worthwhile.
The glass is half full turn your negativity into the opposite and force onto yourself a smile.
It’ll be worthwhile.
Believe me there’s no need to sit and sulk eating a sundae on a Sunday watching repeats of dirty old soaps.
Because yesterday’s meatloaf can always become today’s Sloppy Joes.
You don’t need a shrink to help you grow.
Or recover.
Just remember it’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do whatever it is that you desire.