Over a thousand protesters attended a demonstration which was organised by Drive for Justice outside the BBC in Media City UK. The unanimous reason was due to bias reporting from the BBC regarding the genocide which recently unfolded in Palestine. The Headline ‘Israel under renewed Hamas attack‘ – which cannot be found anymore on their website – sparked outrage among national and international communities which consequently initiated a wave of demonstrations to take place in different parts of the UK.

Linda Clair, Head of the Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign attended the protest, and was one of the many who commented on the bigotry of the previously released headline. She stated that their unfair and one-sided views are a result of the influence of Zionists working within the BBC which had generated a majority of articles to be written and published disproportionately about the war crimes being carried out against the Israel Defense Forces. She also said that journalists from the BBC who wanted to be objective could risk their careers in doing so while not having the moral and ethical values to report the truth.

She spoke of a fair publishing website The Morning Star, and said their coverage of the conflict had been impartial. She also said it was a shame that this publication has not received any recognition among the local community or even on various news channels discussing online publications.

Barbara Iqbal, a protester who also attended the demonstration said she was furious at the unjust journalism taking place at the BBC. She expressed her concerns regarding the vast amount of people who wholly relied upon the news industry to release factual information without assessing the history of the conflict itself.

Following the demonstration, the BBC had published an article falsely stating that thousands had marched over the conflict. This to some extent was true, although the BBC journalists may have been blissfully unaware of the hundreds of posters which were displayed outside their headquarters on the same day which clearly read ‘BBC Bias’. The article they had published on the demonstration was then removed only to be edited with a correct headline and story of the protest. This may have been after they had realised that the Manchester Evening News had written the facts correctly.