This month, on the 19th of October, the BBC is hosting Radio 1’s Teen Awards. This is an award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of young people all over the UK, and to recognise what young people can achieve and what they have to give to society.

One of the most important aspects of Radio 1’s Teen Awards is the celebration of young people achieving more than they have been told is possible. Radio 1 presents these teens in front of a stadium full of people with a Teen Award for their good service or achievements.

Radio 1 labels these brilliant teenagers as ‘Teen Heroes’. These Teen Heroes are usually approached by a Radio 1 DJ in their hometown, commonly at their home or in their school, where they are told that they have been nominated for a Teen Award. They may be recognised for their giving nature, or special achievement. Through various nominations that have been submitted for the Teen Hero, decisions are made as to who will win a Teen Award.

This year, for example, nominee Jack G was met by Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills and his guest Chris Stark at his school, and was told he was nominated for a Teen Award for the good deeds regarding various anti-bullying campaigns he has run. This Teen Hero was able to run an anti-bullying campaign so successfully that he has been able to open ‘The Sanctuary’ in his school. This is a place  where children, who find it hard being out in the playground at break and lunch times, can spend their time speaking to anti-campaigners, and share their worries so that they do not have to suffer in silence.

Another example of this year’s Teen Heroes is 16-year-old Jack M, who was born with a rare neurological disease called Moebius Syndrome, and whose parents were told that he would never walk or talk. Jack has raised tens of thousands of pounds for various charities, and has completed various runs, including the Great North and Great Manchester runs, despite his disease. Jack was nominated for his charitable and overachieving nature by his friend, and Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw was the one to tell Jack of his nomination.

The real importance of the Teen Awards is to show that young people are able to achieve anything possible, even against the odds. The stress that young people can go through regarding GCSEs, A-Levels, social stigma and anxiety, and those born with a disability or subject to bullying, can be hard. The Teen Awards are here to show that even with seemingly impossible odds, remarkable achievements can be made, and teenagers can be amongst the strongest in society.

Radio 1’s Teen Awards is also a showcase of the best of British talent, where the public can vote for their favourite nominee to win a Teen Award. The public can vote for various nominations such as Best British Actor, Best British Group, Best British Single, Best British TV Show etc. Previous winners of these awards include, Daniel Radcliffe for Best British Actor, Tom Daley for Best British Young Sports Star, and One Direction for Best British Music Act.
The Radio 1 Teen Awards, in celebration of the achievements and goals that young people have been able to accomplish, also invites various music acts to play at the award ceremony. These are usually acts associated with popular, recent music. This year’s music acts include 5 Seconds of Summer, Ariana Grande, Labrinth, Rixton, The Vamps, and Ella Henderson.

The Teen Awards is just a small part of the importance of the recognition of teen achievement. The pressures of social stigmas towards teenagers have softened in recent years thanks to ceremonies like Radio 1’s Teen Awards and the Teen Choice Awards held in America, which showcased the raw talent and kindness that teenagers possess. It is often said that a person’s teenage years are amongst the easiest that they will experience, however, some believe this to be very wrong.

The amount of pressure regarding education (GCSEs, A-Levels), finding work, and the social perfections that so many young people aim for can often distract them from achieving amazing things, and taking every opportunity that’s open to them. A lot of young people find that these pressures distract them from what they truly want to achieve, or are capable of achieving, it is therefore important that ceremonies like the Teen Awards continue to give young people the confidence to aim for what they truly want to attain.

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