Your mind is like a piece of art
It’s a collage of pixels blindly organised
You feel a sense of accomplishment along the road but right now you’ve got a one-way ticket to being demoralised
You store your thoughts there as well as your hopes
And as this is being written it may seem illogical
You fight with your mind and morals
The pattern of this text has no method and the reason for that is I am rushing
Rushing to get all of these thoughts on paper before they become smoke or steam
Something that used to be a boiling idea and now is drifting uncontrollably into nothing but a dream
We see the hopeless inevitable
Of needing to release our thoughts
I am selfish
For being a psychologist to the mirror and his opposite
Right now I’m in a fog
Which started off as a blur
And now fades perfectly into a cloud
It’s Unnoticeable how we forget things
Our minds are so powerful but can’t seem to carry our schemes
We think in puzzles
a puzzle is a game we trick ourselves into believing is something we are capable of accomplishing
We have to write our thoughts down on blueprints
And our minds feel green when we hear the term ‘photogenic’ or the fact that it’s ‘genetics’
Our minds are our friends and our obstacles
They capture our thoughts into a trillion and one freeze-frames
And our job is to find the one frame which has our one perfect picture
It’s a challenge
we’re thrown into a pit blindfolded
And in each frame it seems like we’re blinking or not looking dapper
We don’t have the rhythm of Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder
So we’re left to wonder how we can prosper
Artists have ideas that they have to penetrate into the world
One ball looking for a three-pete or a triple double
The paper is my race track
The athlete is my brain
I am the trainer
but I am reliant on the pen
My mental survival depends on the pen
I am on the verge of eruption
Times like this we ignore being society’s friend
I am on the verge of self-destruction
We’re so close to the end
my mind cools down by the satisfaction of completion.

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