As we all know, the British education system is flawed; we once sat upon the golden statistical throne, as the intellectual extraordinaires. Now, on the global charts, we are falling – gradually – down the rankings, with each year that passes.

British universities like, Oxford and Cambridge have always been hailed for producing the very best; the top men and women, who are destined for a comfy seat amongst the elites of society – they sit on the board-of-directors for the biggest British companies; they become CEOs of giant corporations worldwide, and they control the country, through either wealthy influence or political alignment.

The political-class also tend to come through these two incredible places of mentation; they are known for their intelligence, sharp minds and accomplishments throughout the education system; between the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, one hundred and ten Nobelists have been founded – eighty-five from the former, twenty-five from the latter. Alongside the ream of Nobel Prize winners, Oxford and Cambridge have also produced forty-one of the fifty-five Prime-Ministers, to date!

While we – here in the UK – can boast of our great successes, our achievements and our contributions toward the world of intellect, some would question the rationale of those whom we look up to for their prior achievements in the given places of inculcation.

Britain, is, of course, a nation founded upon the fruits of others’ labour; from the Roman Empire, to the late British Empire, Britons have exploited those who were considered ‘lesser’ to achieve our levels of greatness, and  we have waged war with those who opposed us; the French, the Spanish and the Germans, just to name a few.

Now, though… I believe Britain to be, ‘soft’. Her inhabitants are a timid flock, who can only look to the nation’s historical successes, in order to feel the sense of pride that used to be shown in the form of patriotism.

For me, there is one striking factor – which baffles me above all others; British politicians and those who have a significant influence within society, being so fearful of ‘political correctness’ and the opinions of others – mainly the European Union.

‘I know the British people and they are not passengers – they are drivers’. – David Cameron.

Our very own Prime Minister has previously summarised what I have written above, in one simple quote; though, he himself, does not show that he believes his own words, at all. Cameron, alongside his fellow Conservatives have shown very little British traditional values, throughout their reign – they resign us to the backseat, while the European Union rules over our lands, bleeds us dry of wealth and reduces our historical prowess to nothingness. A huge irony, coming from the Conservatives – of all parties – wouldn’t you say?

Despite my previous statement however, David Cameron has – potentially – started to make a road of recovery, for both his reputation and his wrongs. Through anger towards the European Union and finally listening to the mass outcry of his people, Cameron has warned the board in Brussels that he ‘could’ campaign to leave the EU . For once, he has signalled that he is prepared to do something for the benefit of Britain and all that she stands for; so rather than rolling over in their graves, I imagine his predecessors will be applauding him.

While all the above seems positive, we must remember that politics is not so dissimilar to a game of chess. Politicians will always make the best move, to suit their own stature, goals and affiliations – Cameron’s current move against the European Union could simply be a bluff, to annex the UK Independence Party (UKIP), due to the recent defection of multiple Tory MPs to the UKIP ranks.

Typically, throughout history, the Conservatives have been the most successful party of the three main wings. Now though, members are hopping ship, and as new ones leave port on their maiden voyage, setting sail for new, seemingly distant horizons, the liberal, centre-Tories are left wondering, ‘why?’ While the hardline right-wing Tories are very much in-the-know. David Cameron’s aim to ‘modernise’ the Conservative party, when he became its leader (a move that could only weaken the Tories, whose foundation is centred around the stout British attitude of, ‘this is England’, ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘God save the Queen’, alongside fish ‘n’ chips and a pint of ale in a local pub), rather than appease the minorities to gain their love and – more importantly – their vote, is now backfiring.

The Conservative party of today are willing to sacrifice Britain’s traditional values, cultural identity and the happiness of her native inhabitants – Britons – in the pursuit of power, no matter what the cost.

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