I’m your knight in shining armour and I need you
You have made me what I am and I am yours to do all you need me to
My love, there’s so many ways I want to say I love you
You have gone and made me such a fool
I’m so lost in your love
He’s such a tool
I don’t know if I’m dreaming, what is this?
It feels like deja vu but I remember it so well..
Did it actually happen in real life
Because You left me so satisfied
You keep me smiling you help me prioritise
I’ll lose my mind for you, any time spent with you is time worth while
When we’re together and I’m so exited to see what the power of love can do
When you love someone it’s natural not demanding and it’s safe to say my heart’s safe and I hope it’s the same with you
I wanna get caught up in our love tonight when I’m with you. You help me understand what I’m hear to do
My heart is yours tell me what we should do
And to you I’ll show you all of my dedication and use whatever it is in life to prove it to you.
If you love it I’m on it, I’ll do whatever to get your loving tonight.
I don’t wanna fight.
Your always right.
I just want your loving tonight.
Silly old you hiding your things, it’s so typical it’s on chapters four,five and six
Don’t worry I can keep a secret
I saw you love kids, I know you want this.
Just watch the news tonight at six
I know this may be a risk
But it’s all worth it
Because I’ll give you all the kids
And maybe then we could go to the Ritz
And top it off with a trophy that is a kiss.
I’m racing down the boulevard
I used to be so scared
They’re chasing me and I don’t know what for
Tell me what to do you always helped me not feel so sore
This evening I
Won’t let this feeling die
I’m not scared because I know there’s nobody in this world but you and I
Let me turn up the radio
Vegas nights
Feels better I can see the lights
Oh it’s a wonderful feeling
I’ve got my hands up to the ceiling
When I’m with you I see 20/20
I don’t no what I would do without you
I hope you love me too
Is it love that he’s feeling?
If he only heard one love
But He’s found strength doing laps around these heavyweights like his name’s Lewis
But Cupid shot him from above
He got hit straight in the eyes
He’s blinded by love
Violence is the key, he’s hit one in the crown on the verge of being his queen’s king he refuses to strike out so he continues to sing, no hearts to hold so he folds all out of luck holding on to his blue ace
He’s an artist he can make a dove
out of a number two and he’s on the verge of starting a purge because he’s got the urge to make a name for himself so he’ll risk going on the run just so he can catch his dream but in reality he’s got a better chance of catching a flu he’s better off trying to get Coleman; Garry or Ronny to slam dunk then chase these lost schemes
He’s Pinky and he’s in charge of the blue prints with no brains it’s a shame he’s shameless and forced to play this love game
But in search for his monopoly
he’s forced to hop scotch in scorching heat and piranhas
But he gets through knowing he’s on his way to become a martyr
He’s a rubber duck In the water managed by a toddler
He’s just waiting to be sunk
I’m underwater now
You’ll be so proud
I’ll only be down hear for a while,
I’ll come out in style
you’ll help me breathe, you’ll help me leave, this tux is only a lease but it’s no worry for me because I’ll climb I’ll jump I’ll fly to get you and me to see eye to eye but you’ll save me because I’m sure I’ll get caught up in your love tonight.

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