Women, although you think you know what men search for in you, from being good in bed, to sending good morning messages, it doesn’t stop there. What men want is more than this, and believe it or not, their list is not as shallow as you think.

1. Challenge

No matter what type of man you’re dealing with, if you act interested – but not too interested, if you tease him and make him feel that he has to face obstacles to get to you – he will find you attractive. He needs to feel that you’re a game he has to win, in order for him to become a good player and win your heart.

2. Strength

Whether you are a top model or a couch-potato-kind-of-gal, men love strength in a woman. Men want to feel protected and safe in your arms.

3. Act interested, but not too interested

Let’s face it: men love women that chase them, but not those who stick to them like glue. Show interest, but don’t stalk them – don’t even talk to them 24/7, because they will eventually get bored of you.

4.  Smell

It’s not about not smelling bad – it’s about smelling really good. Men won’t look at a woman, unless she makes them turn their heads as she passes by, because of her perfume.

5. Communication skills

Confidence is everything. It is not only a source of attraction, but also a sign of intelligence and maturity if you know how to speak, which words to use, and what tone of voice to follow.

6.  Sense of humour

It is not enough to know what to say. It is also important how you say it – because if you are funny, it is easier for you to attract us. As a famous philosopher once said: ‘If a woman can make me laugh, she can make me do anything’.

7. Affinity for children

Showing affinity towards children shows that you are caring and that your heart is pure. And what’s more appealing than a woman who is comfortable in her role with children.

8. Ambition

Ambitious women are automatically more charming. They have dreams, they are passionate, and they strive for a successful future. When men see you talking about your job or your hobby with stars in your eyes, this is when they realize that maybe, perhaps, someday, you will love them in the same way.

9. Generosity

Being generous doesn’t mean being rich. It is not a social status, but rather a value that becomes a way of life. Generosity is not necessarily buying him a new car, it is sometimes asking him how his day went.

10. Ability to listen

Women who listen, are women who care. Don’t be surprised if he becomes rude and moody whenever you talk about your work, if you don’t listen to him when he tells you about his upcoming plans. Men, need someone to listen, this is why he picked you as his partner.

These 10 things can be found in your inner self and attract the man of your dreams.


What you’ve just read is a parody of this article posted on Shout Out on the 17th November. There are a lot of things wrong with this article but I’ll focus on two.


First, this is sexist. Anyone can clearly notice the underlying gender roles and assumptions when we just switch ‘woman’ for ‘man’ and ‘she’ for ‘he’. The first noticeable case of this is in the first sentence. A man prioritising a woman’s sexual prowess in a journalistic article sounds slimy and objectifying. But if we switch the gender positions nobody bats an eye, women can publicly announce this desire in a ‘you go girl’ sort of attitude.

There are plenty of further examples (I’ll only pick out a few) where reversing gender pronouns produces unorthodox or slightly uncomfortable situation descriptions that reveal the casual sexism expressed by the author and inferred by the reader, representative of general society.

It’s unorthodox to say ‘men want to feel protected and safe in [a woman’s] arms’. This all revolves around the social norm that men are carers and women need to be cared for. For instance: ‘men need someone to listen to’ sounds odd, but why shouldn’t they? Throughout this article a man is expected to have certain: physical qualities, smells, personality traits, sexual attributes and attitudes towards women in order to ‘attract the woman of your dreams’. While this is clearly sexist in and of itself, it also suggests that all women have the same checklist in recruiting a man. Instead, maybe different people want different things.

Furthermore, this whole list assumes that all men want only women, not that it may be possible for a man to want a man, or a woman a woman.

On to my second point, this is poor journalism. This is a low quality article produced with little effort. It offers nothing to an intelligent discussion. Shout Out has the potential to be an engaging forum for debate, a hub for youth intellectualism and a powerful influencer in UK politics. Articles like this don’t contribute to Shout Out, waste its potential and should be posted on more suitable journalism sites like Buzzfeed and The Tab.

Shout Out’s slogan is ‘opening the minds of a voiceless generation’. Is this what we want to open minds to? Puerile and sexist journalism. This site deserves better.

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