The pain is real
And I’m I’m on a reel, being reeled over the reef.
My pupils are doing flips, so I can’t even read.
But on the inside I feel like Christopher Reeve
Super duper heights I feel are always in my reach
But as I reach out they take an inch back, it leaves me feeling nobody has my back, and all I have with me is the world on my back, so how could I possibly reach my target when my life’s turning grim, but I’m so used to this feeling I feel I can get away with calling it reap.
But maybe I should rearrange that and grow a pair. And reap what this pain was sown with.
Because I’m going bananas trying to make the world aware of this
That’s all I want is not to have a care so here comes the punch line, you’re all being left with a stitch.
Because your rich and I’m poor, this is the double barrel going through your dreams like your name’s Rick.
Your life can be represented by Bill Cosby. So it’s time for you to get checked. So you can bet the outcome is going to be costly.
Time to claw you up and leave you like autumn leaves.
Appreciated as art but walked all over everyday like you’re a Hollywood star in Dallas. Time to wrap you up in a white sheet.
And you’ll literally be in the meat of it because all that’s gonna be left of you is a piece of frozen meat.
Your happiness will be taken away from you like someone obese seeing a Reese’s piece. And no I’m not sympathetic you drove me to this,
I wanna see you burn so I can smell your skin suffering
keep eating away your pain the hell with you if you feel like it’s a disease.
I guess I’m driving myself crazy, look at me. It’s crazy where your mind takes you when you’re driven but nobody around you gives you the drive to succeed.
You need the fuel to carry on. But you’re left about as ambitious as the civilians of the motor city after the death of Motown and the beginning of what was then the harsh reality.
War of the worlds and now I’m at war with myself.
Trying to find myself in a house which is full of people but somehow always leaving me feeling empty.
Forced to be a robot because the stress, mess, debts and being treated harshly, leave room for nothing except envy.
So that’s why on the inside I’m always angry, and always green. But am I healthy or in need?
I need help, I need somebody to understand me.
My life is like a green screen, but the background stays green. Because Every time something that could change my life comes along my hopes are met with a fist from Apollo Creed.
Knocked out by stargazing in hopes of finding the American Dream
I have nobody to consult with because even they leave me when I turn off the screen.
I wish I could just press freeze and leave.
Take a step back and just scream.
And maybe I’ll wake up to this all being a dream.
But no this here is the harsh reality.
Time to see things with a clear eye view.
And instead of drowning in my sorrow see things with a positive attitude.
I guess I could start by acknowledging the fact that I have warmth and food.
I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, so I can learn to smile more and be more thankful.
And turn into a Roman at war if anyone threatens to alter that mood.
I may not have found my euphoria but being thankful’s a starting tool to help pull me through.

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