Christmas season is all about food, decorations and music. It would not be the way it is without the beautiful soundtracks we listen to while decorating the Christmas tree, preparing dinner, or opening Santa’s gifts. However, among all the songs that have been created, some are more memorable. Here is a list of 10 Top Christmas Songs that you should all download this year!

1. All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

The #1 rated artist, Mariah Carey’s song ‘All I want for Christmas’ has been one of the most famous tracks of our century. This song is all about passion and Carey was able to transmit her passion and wishes through the lyrics.

2. Last Christmas – Wham!

‘last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away’. This is how the song starts and the beautiful lyrics do not stop at the first sentence. Check it out here, you will love it!

3. Santa tell me – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande does not want to celebrate Christmas if Santa does not get her what she wants: her love. She wants him with all she has and asks Santa for advice. You will be able to relate with the song, and you will absolutely love it, so listen to it here.

4. Have yourself a merry Christmas – Christina Aguilera

The fearless singer never fails to impress us, with her gorgeous voice and her powerful words. If you want to have a merry Christmas, you must first turn on this song.

5. I’ll be home – Meghan Trainor

Whether you are studying abroad, working in another city, or been away for a while, Christmas is the season to spend at home. For that reason, Trainor has this song. Listen to it, in front of the fireplace, with your hot chocolate and marshmallows.

6. This Christmas – Chris Brown

This Christmas, Chris Brown will sing for your hearts to skip some beats, ladies. It is not his average style to be a good boy, but he was this year, and Santa is happy!

7. White Christmas – Michael Buble

What is Christmas without snow? Michael Buble wishes that all his Christmases may be white. Build a snowman while hearing the melodic Buble.

8. Christmas without you – One Republic

One Republic’s music was always ‘in’ but few people knew they had Christmas songs. Well, they do, and they rock! Christmas without your loved ones, is not Christmas – so enjoy this song!

9.  Christmas lights – Coldplay

What do we think of once we think of houses in Christmas season, we immediately link them to Christmas lights. Coldplay, believed that lights will guide you home…and now that it is the holy season, they believe we should have Christmas lights as well.

10.  Please come home for Christmas – Kelly Clarkson

We all have people far away but close to our hearts that we would like to spend Christmas with. To all the people you want to see this season, send them this song.

Christmas is beautiful and music makes it even more magical. Listen to these great picks and thank us later!

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