Just call me Kane because I don’t think I’m able to succeed in life
So all I do is stay alone with my thoughts and knife but doing that can only lead to the Devil winning, right? The world is my oyster and I’m on my way to the spotlight
But as I take out my flashlight to get through this dark sight
I see social media’s given the opportunity to allow a six-year-old to make six figures in six seconds. I guess that’s selling your soul. Or me being bitter because someone younger made it before their time
And I’m still here losing the fight
Always crossed out so what’s the point dying to be right
But my goals stay on sight
And to stay on flight I buy Jordan’s just so every time I look down I’m reminded of his heights
Trying to be a success without wearing a suit or tie
But it’s do or die
No disrespect to those cashing in minimum cheques, well no disrespect to you Mr Cole but it’s easier to say that when you’ve made it out alive
Get educated or looked over. No clover no luck of the Irish so it’s tear the world up just so I don’t see my loved ones cry.
Never heard so I’m a fiend when I hear the opportunity of an open mic
But I’ve got stage fright and I’m frightened at the sight of judgement and the lack of people comprehending what I’m saying
In my head the world is mine for the taking
Just call me Jack because all I’m doing is stealing from all of these Giants
Ok maybe not today, but one day I’ll find my beans. And you can bet I’ll be gassed up enough then to accomplish my dreams
Because I’m business-minded and I’m in search of my cash cow
And like Eddie Murphy I’ll trade places just to trade punches and throw them in bunches
I’m gonna be a hand full or a fist full matter of fact, a bull that can’t be stopped from raging
But my vision is nothing more than a mental picture so I spend my life taking my most fond memories and stay freeze-framing
Because it’s a cold world and I’m hotheaded so I stay frustrated but never stop searching. I’m cooking up my schemes and if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.
Because we’re all given the same life and the same coins. And I’m flipping my coins like pancakes, hoping.
I’ve got a burning desire to win so the setting here can be described as hell’s kitchen, you can call me Gordon or 50 Cent because I’m trying to make change out of the loose change that’s carried by my animal ambition of getting rich or dying trying
These are my idols because they keep motivating me to the extent that being second best will cause me to jump off a two-storey building.

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