Quickly becoming one of the most talked about videos on the internet, a local pregnant woman from central London hit back at anti-abortion protesters and gives them a piece of perspective. While many individuals pass by demonstrations in the street refusing to get involved, one brave woman speaks out for all the women who get slated for their personal choices regarding abortion.

A few Pro-life campaigners are pictured outside Blackfriars Medical Practise (a GP surgery that offers abortion services in Southwark) slating women who have made the choice to use those facilities, but they did not expect to be called out on their slandering of random women by a heavily pregnant woman who works in the area.

The woman directly addresses one of the protesters and suggests that he thinks twice about the words he is saying because he does not have a right to judge people when he is not in their position. She is quoted as saying, ‘Many people have been abused, you don’t know what their reasons are, so I think this is so wrong on so many levels’.

The woman confronts one of the Abort67 members who is pictured wearing a camera and/or filming device around his neck, which is specifically used to shame the individuals entering the surgery. She voices her disbelief in the individual for using cameras stating that, ‘You don’t know why people are doing what they’re doing, but you want to be out here judging and then filming’.

When one of the female protesters tries to argue with the brave woman, she turns and simply claims that this protester had an abortion in the past and therefore she should not be standing here as it makes her a hypocrite. The female passerby puts the view that it is not one rule for someone and another for others and retorts, ‘You had an abortion but because you’re not happy with what you’re doing, you’re standing out here making other people feel guilty’.

The woman had strong opinions on the subject but not only this, she had strong evidence to back up what she believes. By referring to an incident in the news that only occurred a few days before regarding a newborn baby that was found dead in a wheelie bin in North Yorkshire, she argues that perhaps incidents like this are avoidable if more women felt comfortable and less under scrutiny to use facilities that provide the option for abortion.

She then proceeds to silence the protesters by suggesting that they could have an effect on future situations which lead to more incidents like this stating, ‘Maybe if the mum didn’t feel that way because of people like you, that baby wouldn’t have died’.

The woman continues to speak about Kids Company, a recognised charity which provides care and support to children where the majority have been sexually abused or forced into sex work. She proceeds to say how this programme can help thousands of kids, however if ‘they’re going to Kids Company where we’re meant to help them, then they see this’ it might have a different effect and ruin the work these charitable people are trying to do.

The result is that the heavily pregnant anonymous female walks off after finalising her argument by saying that she believes the protesters are ‘so wrong’ in what they are doing, leaving them speechless.  Video footage was then uploaded to YouTube by journalist Sunny Hundal where the effect was immense, encouraging thousands to flock to social networking sites to comment on and share the video.

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