THE CHRISTMAS holidays are swiftly approaching. From ice-skating with your most special person to unwrapping gifts with your whole family at the awkward Christmas get-together, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your holiday wardrobe. But probably the most paramount event on everyone’s calendar is the annual holiday series of parties. You probably know the exact ones we are referring to: where everyone is drunk on champagne and singing and swaying along to Wham’s! Last Christmas. Apart from having the chance to learn the latest gossips about your mates, have some good old-fashioned fun or make a huge fool out of yourself, these parties also present the perfect opportunity to make a bold fashion statement. Are you still wondering whether the clothes you have selected for this very merry evening are in style?

Liverpool fashionistas had all of their Christmas fashion worries and demands answered on 30 November at the annual Chic Networking Christmas Fashion and Lifestyle show. The Hilton Hotel was the venue of this most prestigious event, whose audience was able to see the latest trends in holiday fashion, featured by young up-and-coming designers.

This couture occasion showcased models strutting down the Hilton catwalk in stunning feathered skirts, glittery sequined outfits, puff-sleeve mini numbers and dresses featuring intricate bead designs, all inspired by 1930s flapper fashion. Reds and metallic-coloured details were a dominant aspect of the fashion show. Two-piece, same patterned suits; long, see-through lace dresses and oriental bright tunics are also a must-have this season.

By chance, present at this vogue event were future fashion gurus, Hallay and Fay. After the show, they were willing to discuss some of their favorite trends for the season.

‘Stylish this Christmas are dresses with sparkly diamonds’, remarks Hallay.

‘Oh, and smokey-coloured gowns as well’, adds Fay.

The young ladies’ favourite collection on the catwalk was Mark Melic’s bridal couture. Melic is famous for dressing stars, such as Carole Vorderman and Michelle Keegan.

The diamonds and long trains of Melic’s gowns were the details which left Hallay and Fay in awe.

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