One of the biggest ironies, or, perhaps even one of the biggest jokes within British politics is, the Liberal Democrats. They are full of deceit, scandalous behaviour and with a particularly abstruse leader – Mr Nicholas William Peter (Nick) Clegg – but the biggest irony and potential failing of the Lib Dems, is their blind-eyed attitude towards religion and lack of cultural cohesion.

Today, though, we are going to hit upon – for me – the biggest irony; Liberal Democrats and Orthodox Islam. The latter must love the former ever so much. I shall provide the top ten reasons why:

1. The Liberal Democrats believe in ‘freedom of speech’ – or, so they say; certain Muslims oppose this, in its entirety, unless an Imam is taking the floor.

2. The Liberal Democrats fully support and preach ‘Multiculturalism’; in Orthodox Islam, if you are not a Muslim and choose to follow another religion instead, you are considered an ‘infidel’ or, if you are one who chooses not to follow this didactic religious ideology, then you become an ‘unbeliever’.

3. The Liberal Democrats claim to believe in ‘free-press’; strict Muslims are inclined to oppose all forms of ‘freedom’, as you are to do as Allah and Muhammad command – as worded in the Qur’an. If you oppose the words of the prophet, you are to be punished or executed, under the Shariah. You will also be due a date with the ‘hell-fire’, if the aforementioned book is correct.

4. The Liberal Democrats believe in women’s rights and equality across the genders; equality for women (as we understand it) is a big no-no within Islam – the Qur’an openly states that women are ‘second-class’ citizens and worth half a man. Women within Islam can also be traded for wealth by their fathers and used for sexual acts by mature men, at a very young age.

5. The Liberal Democrats believe that every person should be able to be of any faith group that they so wish; as I have previously mentioned, to oppose the Qur’an, Allah and Muhammad is the most heinous act that a person could ever commit – punishable only by death.

6. The Liberal Democrats believe in the right for each individual to choose (rather open-ended, I know… but you know what I mean); again, as I have previously stated, the Islamic ideology is the only permissible way, as Islam claims to be the ‘one true religion’ – ignore the fact that it is also the youngest of the main ideologies.

7. The Liberal Democrats openly support, and even pushed the marital rights for homosexual couples in our recent political, and cultural advancements. Homosexuality however, is one of the biggest sins within all the original religious teachings of old, yet, the major religions have come to understand the normality of homosexuality and accept that it is an irrefutable and more than acceptable tendency – which was made by their very own God(s).  The Islamic ideology of old, still stands strong and looms large when it comes to the teaching of Muslim children today, thus, homosexuality remains strongly opposed.

8. The Liberal Democrats believe in the separation of the Church and State; Orthodox Muslims on the other hand, consider Islam to be the religion of the state. Muslim clerics and imams have openly stated that the Islamic ideology – which is being acted out by Fundamentalist Muslims and arguably supported by moderate Muslims, through silence – orders Muslims to overthrow Western constitutions and replace them with Shariah Law (Islamic law).

9. The Liberal Democrats oppose Capital Punishment; seemingly within Middle Eastern countries, whose people subscribe to strict Islam, beheading, stoning and public executions are – almost – treated like spectator sports.

10. The Liberal Democrats – and every other human who does not follow Islam, that I know of – love, support and cherish music and the arts; in Islam, both music with any expression and art are forbidden.

Now, you are probably wondering what my point is, at this stage of the article. Here it is:

If you dare to utter the things that I have presented, regarding Orthodox Islam and its Muslim adherents, the Liberal Democrats are the first to fire words like, ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘neocon’, ‘Nazi’ and ‘Islamaphobic’ at you – just to name a few.

This party, of all political parties, should be at the forefront of the verbal battle against Orthodox Islam that is hastily digging its way down to the core of both, British politics and our culture; you would expect the Liberal Democrats to expose its true nature, rather than defend it and appease radical Muslims.

Such Muslims must love the Liberal Democrats… after all, they make great pets for those whose beliefs are not entirely of the British character.

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