The sun don’t shine
But when it does it sheds light
On things that make us wish we were blind
So we put on our shades to cover up from the fright
But in reality we’re all talk, not willing to fight
Not willing to work hard just willing to use the excuse of, ‘it’s because they’re white’
And I do the same thing by taking it out when I write
But black people fought for what’s right
Now it’s our time to climb
Break free from our depression and kill our stereotype
It’s time to show we’re all like-for-like
Because the truth is we’re all oppressed
If it’s not you the person next to you is in debt
So if you don’t feel you’re struggling stand up for the other 50 per cent
Maybe we can’t change the world but we can at least take a step
To create a better life and help reduce the troubles for the next gen
By helping them feel trouble to a lesser extent
Like I said, we might not be the generation to kill this harsh reality but we can at least do our best to make a dent
Create a blueprint, and if not a peaceful world, a peace of mind that at least we tried to put it to an end
Now the plan or course of action should not be controlled by me.
I am merely the driving force here to steer you in the right direction.
Change like charity starts at home, so treat those around you with open arms and hopefully the message can carry on and spread out in the open, and have the same impact as wildfire in that it can create a domino effect.
Treat the person next to you how you want to be treated. I’m no expert but something as simple as that could hopefully bring this all to an end.

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