Isn’t the thought of warfare chilling…? Primarily death, I mean; the toll has topped two-hundred thousand across Middle-Eastern regions, including: Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt and Lebanon.

One would think that, after thousands of war-plagued years in that region, ‘the powers at be’ would have taken a turn for peace – which is truly, the only salvation for war-torn regions; surely any rational leader would vote for peace, rather than battle in this modern world?

Or, so you’d think.

In each of the above listed countries, Islam reigns supreme; a cult-like, archaic ideology controlled by power-hungry men with a strong bloodlust.

To be Islamic, you must follow the word of Allah, presented to us by Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim – or, as you will all know him, ‘Muhammad’. Now, if a man walked up to you – in the street – and announced that a metaphysical being had commissioned him with the job of promoting the ‘true’ way of life, you would probably consider him nonsensical, right?

This was not the case with Muhammad; as he preached the newly-founded words of Allah, many flocked to him – as they supposedly did to Jesus, though, six-hundred years later – and thus, the indoctrination of the Middle-East, by the self-proclaimed ‘religion of peace’, began.

From the start of Muhammad’s career as a preacher, fear-monger, and a zealot, he promoted Jihad – a ‘spiritual struggle’, by Islamic terms; this, in actuality, is a physical struggle against those who disregard or oppose Allah and Islam, for ground-based Muslims, rather than anything concerning the big metaphysical fellow.

Within the Qur’an there are at least one-hundred and nine verses that call upon Muslims to wage war on the ‘nonbelievers’ for the sake of Islamic rule. Many of these calls are rather detailed, featuring orders to remove the head, fingertips, and to kill ‘infidels’ (a nonconformist, in the eyes of Islam) wherever they may be. I’m sure you will be thinking something along the lines of, ‘well, Christianity also preaches violence, within the Old Testament’… To be thinking as such, would be correct, however, the majority of the calls for violence that feature within the Qur’an are not inhibited by the text – historical text, I must add – which can be found around them (of course, acts such as these were accepted as the norm, historically), as they are left open-ended.

Unfortunately, for a religion that claims to be ‘peaceful’, there are very few segments within the Qur’an that truly counter the numerous calls for violence against nonbelievers; this argument is often presented, but – seemingly – Muslim apologists will glaze over historic and current events, and claim that Islam is peaceful, or that the Muslims who’re involved in Jihad, or commit violent acts whilst acting as an ambassador of Islam, are in fact, not true Muslims. In truth, Muhammad’s own belligerent ruling – and that of most of his comrades and followers – alongside the conspicuous call for violence within the Qur’an has produced a – rather lengthy – trail of blood through many pages of the history books that moderate Muslims are inculcated to glaze over.

Islam’s reach can be seen all over the world, from the western America, to the Chinese east – where there is a man who loves dominance, Islam can be found.

England has produced a particularly dangerous character, who promotes middle-eastern Islamic values in Britain, and has a growing fanbase – mainly consisting of young men who seek guidance, and find it in the form of Islam.

The son of a Welling market trader – London-born; a man of Pakistani descent, student of the University of Southampton and Surrey, a teacher of the English language, and a professional lawyer – later in life, heading the Society of Muslim Lawyers.

A man who would cherish his title as a ‘Briton’, respect the British tradition and embrace the culture that he was born into. Or, so you would think…

Unfortunately, to assume the above, would be your biggest mistake.

‘We cannot live among the non-Muslims and see this evil take place’.
Says Anjem Choudary.

Anjem Choudary deems Islam to be incompatible with Britain. Why? Choudary only considers societies that are dominated and controlled by Sharia Law, as, ‘right’.

After the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby, Choudary told his fellow Muslims that Rigby is ‘going to go to the hellfire’, as he was not a follower of Islam and did not embrace Allah. This was shortly followed by a ludicrous statement; Michael Adebolajo – the machete-wielding man, who found himself high on Islamism, on that tragic day – is ‘a very nice man’ who would certainly be accepted by Allah ‘into paradise’, upon his death. Choudary radicalised Adebolajo – using the teachings of Muhammad – and seemed very proud of his actions; another foolish martyr for Islam to bestow greatness upon.

Following the murder of Lee Rigby, Choudary warned the media of ‘harsh repercussions’ in Britain, if soldiers continue to kill Muslims across the globe, in conflicts – clearly, he has planned many more attacks on our home soil – yet, our government allow him to continue recruiting and producing Jihadists on the streets of London, without intervention? They continue to hand him his share of the state welfare benefits and the state-funded BBC allow him to give interviews on television?  Did I miss the transitional period, in which we saw Britain turn from a western superpower, to an Islamic state?

This man praised the 9/11 hijackers, and titled the 7/7 bombings as ‘magnificent’, he co-founded al-Muhajiroun – which was outlawed; and, he still openly admits to inciting Jihad and converting young men to his cause.

Choudary believes his sole calling in life, is to wage a holy war against Britain and her ‘infidel’ allies – the ‘Religion of Peace’ will only be content and harmonious, when the Islamic Caliphate rules the world. Until then, peace can be put aside, Muhammad’s war and wishes must first be fulfilled.

On this rock, you will find loyal Britons – men and women who do not wish to be ruled by your Islamic law; I personally am a culturist and a traditionalist. If you continue to threaten and encroach upon territory that is not yours, to you sir, there will be one response… ‘I’ll see your Jihad and I’ll raise you one crusade’.

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